Flower will quickly die: what not to do with an orchid

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How to properly care for an orchid

An orchid is a very demanding plant that reacts quickly to the slightest changes in temperature, light, and humidity. The older the orchid is, the shorter the period it will delight you with flowers, but when buying an orchid, it is worth noting that young orchids do not bloom. With proper care, the plant gives an average of 3 new sprouts every 2 years.

Often, the greatest damage to the plant is done by growers during transplantation. Read what not to do with an orchid in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Mistakes during transplantation

Plastic containers are best suited for orchids - they will provide the plant with sufficient light and good drainage, and air will freely flow to the roots. If you decide to transplant an orchid, do not cut the roots off once again. Beginner growers sometimes get too "carried away" with pruning, but in fact, this houseplant takes a long time to grow roots.

Watering regime

Do not water the orchid too much, because the plant is very sensitive to excessive moisture. Experts advise filling a container larger than the orchid pot and placing the flower in it for several hours. Only part of the pot should be immersed in water.

But you can't overdry the plant either - the roots will dry out quickly and the leaves will fade.

The orchid will rot if you pour water over the entire plant, including leaves and peduncles.

Pest control

You should regularly check the plant for pests. Experts also recommend using fertilizers: orange, milk or lemon.

Proper lighting

Orchids love light, but they should not be placed in direct sunlight. In the warm seasons, you should adjust the lighting regime so that the plant does not "burn out" from excessive sun exposure.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you what plants should not be placed next to an orchid.

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