These five zodiac signs are under the protection of "higher powers": misfortunes simply bypass them

Natalia SofienkoLife
Zodiac signs with strong protection

Astrologers from Horoscopoverde have named five zodiac signs that are free from misfortune. Find out who is on the list.


Natives of this sign know what success is. Thanks to their strong intuition and ability to sense problems, Aries never lose, and if they do, higher powers come to their aid. When something terrible happens in their life, the right people immediately appear next to them.


Enthusiastic, open-minded, and versatile, Gemini is always looking for something, not accepting life's difficulties as inevitable. They believe that it is positive thinking and their intuition that helps them create the right circumstances.


Due to their impulsive nature, Leos often get into trouble and agree to dangerous adventures, but everything always ends well. The universe has endowed them with the talent to skillfully turn any situation in their favor, so they boldly achieve success.


Representatives of this sign have a unique ability: to always appear at the right time in the right place. However, Virgos rarely notice the intervention of higher powers, so they receive their support only in the most difficult moments.


Having noticed the danger, those born under this sign can correct their fate. They also manage to run their lives easily. Optimistic Sagittarians know that no matter how rocky their path may be, higher powers will lead them to success.

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