Five top skin care rules that everyone should follow

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Self-care can be very enjoyable, but it must be approached rationally

Visits to a good dermatologist and cosmetologist can change your appearance – give your skin a glow and your face a rested look. But all the efforts of professionals will be in vain if you neglect your daily home care.

According to Who What Wear, it's better to choose products together with a professional - fortunately, there are a lot of them for every need and budget, but the rules of care are quite universal. Dermatologists advise following them regardless of skin type, age, and weather outside.

Less is more

Taking care of yourself can be extremely enjoyable, and a 10-step procedure with the application of a lot of products can be a lot of fun. But the tricky thing about this kind of care is that the ingredients in different creams, serums, gels, and masks can conflict with each other and cause skin irritation instead of improving the skin's condition. Therefore, it's better to choose the necessary minimum of products, but in such a way that all of them are as effective and useful as possible and are suitable for you.

Never skip evening cleansing

Morning cleansing can be as simple as possible, but in the evening, you need to pay more attention to cleansing your skin. During the day, it has time to collect makeup residue, sebum, and city dust. Together, they can clog pores and cause comedones. In addition, such "armor" will reduce the effectiveness of any care products.

It is best to use warm water, not hot, for evening cleansing. If desired, it can be performed in two stages: first, cleanse the skin of oil-based impurities with an oil-based cleanser, and then wash off all residues with a foam or gel.

UV protection is needed all year round

After experiencing several waves of tanning fashion, dermatologists have come to a unanimous opinion that solar ultraviolet radiation does not bring much benefit to the skin. On the contrary, it significantly accelerates the rate of photoaging. Therefore, sunscreen is a must-have in any cosmetic bag. Moreover, type A rays are present around us all year round, regardless of the weather. Sunscreen will prevent them from causing redness and spots of hyperpigmentation, so your skin color will be more even. So SPF should be with you all year round.

Don't forget about the neck

When we take care of our face, we often forget about our neck. Meanwhile, the skin on it is no less delicate, and even thinner and more sensitive, and needs the same careful attention. What's more, the neck tends to age earlier and give away your age, no matter how well-groomed your face is. Of course, you can splurge on special neck products - the cosmetics industry also offers them. But, if you don't want to complicate your care, apply the same products to this area and the décolleté as you do to your face. Including sunskreen.

Change your skincare routine with the seasons

We notice the need to change something in our care most of all in winter, when we have to expose our skin to the cold and humid air outside several times a day, or to the warm and dry air at home. This causes dryness, tightness, and irritation. The skin loses moisture and looks dull. Therefore, in winter, we need softer cleansers and moisturizers with a thicker texture. Especially for lips and hands. And in summer, we need deeper cleansing and lighter textures.

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