Five signs to be lucky in the Year of the Dragon: Chinese love horoscope

Pigs, Dogs, Rats, Dragons and Monkeys will be lucky in love this year

Chinese astrology immerses us not only in the properties and destiny of individual signs, but also in the compatibility between them. Based on this compatibility, experts make a love forecast for the year.

Thus, astrologers have already named five signs that will have the best luck in love during the Year of the Dragon, which begins on February 10. Find out if you are on the list of lucky ones.


Pigs are considered lucky in many areas of life, especially in love and marriage. They have a strong intuition and don't tend to waste time on insignificant relationships. They choose partners who provide love and care and help create financial stability. Some might say they are opportunists in love, but the sign also gives a lot in return. Pigs value family, love deeply, and are committed to their marriage throughout their lives.

In 2024, the Pig Dragon will have a positive year. Those born in the Year of the Pig may feel a strong desire to start a family. Or just take the next step in a relationship, take it to a serious level. This desire will be especially acute in the summer. Despite any advice or interference from family members, determined Pigs will move towards their goal. In 2024, the most successful couples will be those where the woman is born in the Year of the Pig and the man was born in the Year of the Dragon. Such a relationship will be full of beauty, romance, and happiness.


People born under the sign of the Dog are naturally very charming and attractive. They are successful in love and easily start intense and long-lasting romances. Dogs radiate confidence, strength, and stability, making them loyal and devoted partners, which is a highly desirable trait in a partner. At times, they can seem too relaxed and carefree, but they are so generous with their love that you can forgive them.

In 2024, those born in the Year of the Dog are advised to take an important step and think about getting married. A marriage created in this way will lead to a life filled with harmony and will be long-lasting. The best match for the Dog this year is the Bull. They will be united by kindness, devotion, and understanding, which will help create a supportive union.


Rats are known as passionate lovers, able to enchant others with their charming smiles and looks. They make their partners feel special and create romantic moments that leave a lasting impression. Rats highly appreciate the love they receive and always prefer family. Because of the desire to find their soul mate, Rats rarely get divorced.

In the Year of the Dragon, Rats will be protected. This will be one of the best times for them to think about marriage. Even single representatives of the sign can quickly find themselves in a whirlwind of feelings and realize that they have found the right person - to put aside their hesitations and start a family without long courtship. The most favorable time for them to get married will be between May 25 and September 28.


Dragons may not fully realize how lucky they are in love until they experience it firsthand. Those born under this sign approach the search for a partner with caution, strategy, patience, observation, and selectivity. They can fall in love without even realizing it. But their intuition guides them to the right people who truly deserve their affection. Although some Dragons may face early setbacks in short-term relationships, they quickly bounce back and find everything they want in love.

For the masters of the year, this will also be a favorable period for marriage. This year will bring a lot of love and romance, which will allow current relationships to move to a new level. They will forget about loneliness and feel happy with the person they choose. Dragons will love their chosen one with all their hearts and will try to become a constant companion who brings joy and deep communication for many years.


Monkeys are always lucky in love affairs due to their charming nature. They easily attract people with their friendly, enterprising, romantic, playful, and creative nature. Monkeys love to explore new possibilities and share their hobbies with others, which makes them particularly attractive. However, they tend to lose interest quickly and therefore often change partners. But those born under this sign do not worry too much about losing love, believing that life will offer them another chance. Their confidence and positivity make them believe that one day they will find their perfect match.

As 2024 will be influenced by the element of wood, the Monkey's character will gain the expressiveness and energy that will encourage them to take serious steps, including thinking about starting a family. If a representative of the sign does marry, his or her relationship will be based on trust and mutual appreciation of both partners.

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