Find three differences: a puzzle for geniuses

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Look at the picture of the girl in the library and find three differences in 10 seconds

Attentiveness and the ability to concentrate on details are an important component of success in life. And these qualities can be developed. Moreover, it can be done in a pleasant and fun way, for example, with the help of games to find differences.

OBOZ.UA publishes such a puzzle game. This time it is a picture of a girl with a book standing in the middle of a library. It seems that its two halves are absolutely identical, but they are not. They contain three differences that will be very difficult to find. The most skillful people should be able to do it in 10 seconds. This is a time limit that you should strive for.

Find three differences: a puzzle for geniuses

Set a timer and try to find all the differences within the time limit. This can be tricky because the image is full of details, and any one of them may be different from a similar detail in the other half of the image.

Whether it's differences in facial features, background elements, or clothing details, you'll have to stay attentive. However, don't get hung up on the 10 seconds given. If you make it within this time limit, you'll be great and you can consider yourself a puzzle-solving champion, but if you need more time, keep searching. The main thing in such games is to achieve the result on your own. This will bring the most benefits.

However, if your skill of working with such pictures is not yet very developed, a hint will help you. All the correct answers are specially marked on it.

Find three differences: a puzzle for geniuses

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