Explosions near Moscow in the morning: Russians declared the work of air defense and a strike on a military unit. Video

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Russia ''boasted'' of shooting down a UAV on approach to Moscow

On July 4, the terrorist state of Russia complained about a drone attack in the morning: several targets allegedly flew to Moscow via Kaluga Oblast, but were "shot down" by the lauded Russian air defense system just outside the capital. This is how propagandists explained the cause of Tuesday morning's explosions near New Moscow to local residents.

The Russians themselves had time to establish the size, color and type of the drones, and began to publish online footage of their "shooting down." And later, the Russian Federation acknowledged a "UAV strike" on a military unit in Kubinka, near Moscow (to view photos and video, scroll to the end of the news).

"Two strong explosions in New Moscow are reported by eyewitnesses. According to them, the explosions sounded near the village of Valuevo. About five minutes passed between them, and the cause could have been the work of the air defense system," Russian Telegram channels wrote.


Meanwhile, propagandists claimed to have spotted "two UAVs flying toward Moscow" in the Kaluga region.


The Russians specified that they were talking about drones of the aircraft type, which flew at an altitude of 200 meters.


"One of them was black and three meters in size. The second was grayish and smaller in size. Preliminarily, these targets were shot down by the air defense system a little later, near the Moscow Ring Road," the posts said.


Later propagandists explained that the cause of the explosions in New Moscow were definitely two drones that had been shot down by the air defense system. At the same time they were confused about the number of drones. They said that "one drone was seen in the sky over the Kaluga region, flying toward the capital," which "was also shot down by the air defense forces".

Russia later said that a "drone attack" led to a "bavovna" on the territory of a military unit in Kubinka near Moscow. They reported an explosion around 04:00, when a "kamikaze drone attacked the administrative building" of the unit, but there were "no casualties or victims" as a result of the explosion. Because of the so-called attack, planes that were supposed to go to Vnukovo airport had to be rerouted to other airports.


Around 07:00, residents of the village of Akinshino in New Moscow reported two new explosions. According to them, they rang out about half an hour ago, but there were "no consequences on the ground.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on July 3, in the Russian town of Khimki , 20 kilometers from Moscow, a paint and varnish factory was occupied. The flames covered virtually a hectare of territory, huge clouds of smoke rose into the sky.

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