Even the toughest stains will disappear: how to wash kitchen towels properly

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How to wash kitchen towels

Kitchen towels look very untidy after repeated use. Dirt, grease stains, and food residues accumulate on the fabric and cause an unpleasant odor.

It is difficult to restore the proper appearance of kitchen towels in the absence of regular washing. Tips for washing towels to remove even the most stubborn stains were reported by Kobieta Interia.

A little-known life hack

It is hard to imagine a modern kitchen without towels as these practical attributes are indispensable in the process of cooking and intensive housework. Of course, there is a universal rule: the more often you wash, the easier it is to remove stains. However, kitchen towels can be a bit of a hassle as greasy stains are absorbed deep into the fibers and regular washing is not enough.

Experts advise using standard household products: salt to remove stains and baking soda and vinegar to disinfect.

There is also a little-known but no less effective life hack with hydrogen peroxide.

  • Step 1. Pour peroxide on the areas with the most difficult stains and leave it on for a few minutes.
  • Step 2. After 3-5 minutes, you can start washing in the washing machine.
  • Step 3. To enhance the effect, soak the towels in a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide for several hours before machine washing.

Life hack with vinegar

Vinegar boiling will also help. It takes only 20 minutes to get rid of the most stubborn stains.

  • Step 1. Take a saucepan, pour water into it, and add a few drops of dishwashing detergent.
  • Step 2. Dip the dirty towels in the solution and add another glass of white vinegar.
  • Step 3. Now boil the contents of the pot over low heat for about 20 minutes.

A few drops of your favorite essential oil will save you from the pungent smell of vinegar. You just need to add it to the solution at the final stage of boiling.

Vinegar can also be replaced with baking soda: you will need about 5 tablespoons.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what to add to the water during washing to soften towels.

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