Don't throw away wet wipe covers: surprising ways to reuse them

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All you need is a few flaps and glue

The flap on a package of wet wipes is an ingenious invention. It allows you to keep the cosmetic product from drying out and use it easily. But its functions are not limited to this. This lid can also be used for some household items.

Sante Plus has collected several such ways. They allow you to reuse a non-biodegradable plastic part. So, how to make various useful things from a case for small items to a children's educational toy.

Box for small items

Small items such as hairpins, rhinestones, buttons, rings, pills, etc. are difficult to keep in proper order. But this is where the wet wipe flap comes in. Remove the two flaps from the empty packs and glue them together. The mini-box is ready. You can decorate it to your liking and carry it with you in your bag. It can be opened from both sides and will securely store all kinds of small items.

Hook for lightweight items

If you keep a bag of reusable bags, you know how difficult it is to organize them so that they don't take up too much space and fall off the hook due to their large volume. And here, too, the flap from a tissue package will come to the rescue. Take it off and stick it in the place where you plan to store the packets. For example, on the inside of a kitchen cabinet. Open the flap, hang the bag with the wipes on it, and close it back. It will securely fix any such lightweight object.

Educational toy for a child

If you have a few of these flaps, you can make an educational toy for your child. Glue several flaps to thick paper or a piece of cardboard. The space for creativity is ready. You can place various images under these flaps - letters, numbers, scraps of colored paper, pictures. With this toy, your child will have fun learning symbols, colors, and new words. If you attach pieces of paper to the lid with double-sided tape, you can change them. This way, the toy will never get bored.

Game "Find a Match"

Using a similar base, you can make a memory game. This time, place pairs of images under the lids in random order. Two identical animals, flowers, letters, numbers, etc. Let the child open them one at a time and remember where they saw what, and then look for matches from memory.

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