Dogs that cannot live in an apartment: they can be dangerous or prone to depression

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Huskies and Malamutes, herding dogs, and beagles feel uncomfortable in apartment conditions

Unlike cats, which can spend their entire lives in an apartment and feel happy doing so, dogs need regular walks. And some breeds do not get along well within the four walls at all and can only be happy with constant free access to the street.

OBOZREVATEL tells you which dogs are better not to have in a city apartment. This can provoke them to aggression or cause depression in the animal.

Shepherd dogs and Border Collies

Breeds that were bred specifically for herding livestock love long walks and significant physical activity. After all, they were created for such tasks. Therefore, they will be cramped in a small apartment, which can affect the animal's character and health.


Cute-looking beagles are known for their loud barking and conflicted nature towards other dogs. They were bred to participate in hunting, so they will be constantly busy sniffing for something edible and can pick up what they find from the ground. Therefore, living in a private house with a fenced yard is ideal for them.

Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers

Due to their tiny size, these breeds are considered a good choice for a city apartment. However, the tendency of both breeds to bark frequently and loudly can not only disturb their owners but also greatly annoy neighbors. Moreover, this barking can sound not only during the day but also in the middle of the night. Also, small breeds can sometimes have quite aggressive territorial attitudes that can lead to conflicts with other dogs.

German Shepherds

This breed will be uncomfortable in an apartment because of its impressive size. Also, German Shepherds are very energetic, requiring frequent attention and a lot of activity. In addition, they are very protective of their territory and may perceive not only the boundaries of the house but the entire property. This can cause aggression towards neighboring dogs.


Like German Shepherds, these cute companion dogs can boast of a large size and high energy levels. They need a lot of attention and activity. They are also known for their clumsiness and ability to knock over things in tight spaces. Also, due to their curiosity, they may bark at the door whenever someone approaches.

Huskies and Malamutes

No wonder these dogs look so much like wolves - their wild temperament makes them a bad choice for keeping in an apartment. These breeds are extremely loyal to their pack, very large, and shed terribly. In addition, their irrepressible energy can result in destruction in the apartment and significant damage.

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