Do not throw away! How to give new life to roll-on deodorants

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A roll-on bottle can become a very useful tool

The packaging of a roll-on deodorant is often considered disposable. Once the cosmetic is used up, we throw it away without much thought. However, in reality, this convenient packaging format can be effectively reused, reducing unnecessary waste.

Sante Plus has compiled some tips on how to do this. You will be surprised at how convenient a roll-on bottle can be.

How to remove the ball from a deodorant bottle

To open the package, you only need some sticky tape. Cut a piece of tape so that its width is smaller than the ball, yet long enough to cover the entire circumference of the ball.

  • Ensure the ball is dry, then tape one end of the tape tightly to it.
  • Slowly twist the ball so that the tape goes under the inside of the ball and comes out the other side of the package.
  • When this end is exposed, peel it off, grab both ends of the tape, and pull. The ball should come out of the bottle easily. To see how it's done, scroll down to the end of the news.

Now you can fill the bottle with different liquids, put the ball back in, and use it in various ways. Here are some useful ideas:

Liquid soap container

When on the go, access to soap for handwashing is not always available. Carrying a whole soap package can be inconvenient. If you put a bit of soap in a deodorant bottle, you'll always have a handy pocket-sized dispenser. Simply apply a small amount of the product to your skin and wash your hands.

Body massager

You can create a convenient body massager using this packaging format. It will not only be a roller but also a bottle for applying massage oil or gel. Pour the product into the container and return the ball to its place. Now you can conveniently apply the cosmetic product while gently and comfortably massaging the skin where needed.

Sunscreen dispenser

Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial. However, applying SPF can be tricky and may leave white streaks and spots, especially on the face. This problem can be solved by transferring the cream to a roll-on bottle. You'll have a convenient applicator that applies the product evenly, and any small imperfections can be easily corrected with your fingers.

Tool for the creativity

 If you fill the bottle with watercolor paint, it can become a handy paint roller. This can be especially useful in reducing mess if a child enjoys drawing. Provide the little artist with several of these applicators in different colors, and they'll be able to paint without spilling, adding a new level of interest to their artistic endeavors.

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