Do it before Christmas: which garden plants need to be pruned in December

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Winter dormancy is good for pruning plants

Experienced gardeners say that winter is not the time to take a break from working with plants. Although there are fewer tasks, trees and shrubs still need pruning during this period. The procedure carried out from the beginning of winter until Christmas can bring considerable benefits to certain plants.

OBOZ.UA asked what experts advise in this regard. According to them, winter pruning can help improve the appearance and yield of various species. However, it is important to remember that not all plants tolerate pruning in December.


It is best to prune grapevines when they are dormant, but the specific time of the procedure depends on whether they are growing outdoors or indoors. If the plant is in a greenhouse, the best time to prune it is in early winter, right before Christmas. Indoor vines tend to start growing earlier than outdoor vines, so later pruning can harm them by causing juice to leak through the cuts. This will weaken the plant and attract pests.


The optimal pruning frequency for wisteria is two years. And the best time to carry out the procedure is the period after flowering in summer and winter dormancy. Winter pruning is usually carried out between November and February, when there are no leaves on the tree and it is clearly visible which parts of it need to be processed. And December is the best month to do it. However, this rule applies to regions where winters are mild and there are no severe frosts. If the climate in your region is more severe, it would be more advisable to wait until January or even February.

Pear and apple trees

Pear trees and apple trees do best when they are dormant and have no leaves on them. That is, during the winter months. You can choose any time between November and the first spring warmth. December is also a good choice.

Blackberries and raspberries

Berry bushes of the Rubus genus, i.e. blackberries and raspberries, especially decorative species, are also good to prune in winter. This will help rejuvenate the bushes. You need to remove a quarter to a third of the oldest flowering stems. Such pruning will help the plant grow intensively in the spring, as well as provide access to light and air inside the bush, which will have a good effect on the harvest.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA talked about all the nuances and warnings of pruning fruit trees in winter.

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