Do I have to wash my dog bowl every day?

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We wash our dishes after each use for hygiene reasons. But do pets need to clean the bowls they eat out of just as often? After all, they often eat dry food, which doesn't contaminate dishes as quickly. In particular, dogs eat it all without residue and well lick the container almost to shine.

OBOZREVATEL asked the opinion of cynologists and veterinarians on this subject. We tell you how the care of the dog dishes can affect the quality of life and health of your pet.

What nuances affect how often you wash your dog?

The first thing to consider is what your pet eats. Dry food really doesn't leave marks on dishes. Wet, on the other hand, contaminate it with gravy, jelly, and so on. Just like natural porridge.

It is also important to consider the conditions in the place where the food stands. The warmer and at the same time more humid the air there, the more often you need to clean the dog's dishes, because bacteria, including dangerous ones, can quickly develop in them.

How often do you wash your dog's dishes?

If your dog eats dry food, experts recommend washing his bowl at least 3-4 times a week. Any wet food - canned or natural - requires washing after every meal. And the water bowl should be washed every day, so it doesn't accumulate dust and pet saliva and the water is always fresh and clean.

It's also important to empty dog bowls in hot weather and not to leave any unfinished food or produce in them, especially meat. Spoiled food can provoke food poisoning in an animal. Also in hot weather, we recommend putting ice cubes in a bowl of water to keep him cool.

What cleaning products are better for dog bowls?

Like baby dishes, dog bowls need a delicate approach to cleaning. It's best to wash them with natural products without dyes or fragrances. In particular, gels and liquids for baby dishes will do. If a strong odor is left on the bowl, the dog may refuse it.

Baking soda or mustard powder is good for cleaning dogs' dishes. They'll wash away any dried-on residue, help scrub away dried-on bits, and wash off completely without leaving a mark on the dishes.

Soak bowls with dried-on residue before washing, since scrubbing dog bowls with a metal brush or other sharp objects is not a good idea. They will leave scratches on the surface where bacteria can build up.

It's best to clean pet dishes separately from your own plates. Particularly because of the different composition of saliva and different diets. You can get a special basin for this, or wash bowls by hand under running water, then clean the sink. It is better not to put pet dishes in the dishwasher.

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