Dislike walking: dog breeds suitable for lazy owners

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Pugs, Bichon Frises, and Saint Bernards do not need much time for walks

One of the main arguments against getting a dog, even if you've been dreaming about it all your life, is the need to walk your pet every day. Rain, frost, unbearable heat, strong winds - you will still have to take your pet for a walk in the morning and evening. Most dogs need quite a bit of exercise and may not fit into a busy person's schedule.

Meanwhile, the Pitpat blog claims that two fairly short walks are enough for some breeds to keep them healthy and in good spirits. Here are a dozen dogs that can get up to 40 minutes of exercise, including playing at home.

Bichon Frise

Approximately 30 minutes of exercise per day

This is a popular dwarf breed that is easily recognized by its white curly coat. They do well in a city apartment and need about 30 minutes of exercise a day. At the same time, Bichon Frise dogs form a strong bond with their owners and can suffer from separation anxiety if left for long periods.

Chinese crested

Approximately 30 minutes of exercise per day

Whether naked or covered in fur, these dogs have a low need for physical activity - like most decorative breeds. A short walk twice a day and a little fun play, such as obedience training, will do the trick. But, again, these dogs can't go long without their owner.

Brussels Griffon

Approximately 30 minutes of exercise per day

These dogs were bred as rat catchers to help maintain stables. So they did not need to run around a large area. That's how the Griffons remained a breed without a great desire to walk. 15 minutes in the morning and evening will be enough for them. In addition, this is a brachycephalic breed, which is contraindicated for too much exercise. But what these dogs will definitely not refuse is regular intellectual exercises.

Japanese Hin

Approximately 30 minutes of exercise per day

These miniature dogs win hearts because of their gentle manners and playfulness. At the same time, they do not like to go for long walks. And they have congenital brachycephaly, which makes them not very suitable for active play. A light walk and a little fun with the owner at home is all a Japanese Hin needs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Approximately 40 minutes of exercise per day

These miniature dogs have an extremely cute appearance and are quite suitable for participation in dog sports competitions. However, they do not have an innate need for heavy exercise. They will be quite content with two 20-minute walks with their owner, and the rest of the time they will look at him from the couch with loving eyes.


Approximately 30 minutes of exercise per day

Miniature white dogs are very agile, easy to adapt to new environments, and extremely friendly, making them great companion dogs. They love to be around people. But it's enough for them to just be close. Maltese do not need long walks. It is better to spend a little more time playing together at home.


About 30 minutes of exercise a day

These affectionate and playful dogs are terrible homebodies. If the pug does not like the weather or is not in a good mood, it will go home after a very short walk. Representatives of this breed value comfort and close communication with their human more than crazy fun.


Approximately 40 minutes of exercise per day

This fluffy dog will make a great companion. Representatives of this breed adapt well to living in an apartment and do not require much physical activity. Instead, Bolognese are highly intelligent and prefer to play games of wits and obedience training. It is better to learn commands at home with a Bologna.

English Bulldog

Approximately 40 minutes of exercise per day

These gentlemen with a characteristic sad expression have a calm and gentle nature. They love to be around people and get as much attention as possible. And they would rather have a quiet conversation at home than a long walk. The English have congenital brachycephaly, so they are naturally poor athletes.

St. Bernard

Approximately 40 minutes of exercise per day

It may seem strange, but these good-natured giants do not need much exercise to stay healthy. The St. Bernard would rather lie outside in the shade than walk long distances. Nevertheless, this breed needs a lot of living space, so it is not worth keeping such a dog in an apartment.

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