Courage boost for Cancer and transformation for Scorpio: horoscope for March 20

A new astrological year begins today, so enter it correctly

New beginnings take time. And as the Sun moves into Aries and the astrological year begins, we all need a few days to get our lives in a new direction. On Wednesday, the Moon will be in Leo all day, which encourages us to be patient and brave.

Astrologers told us what this will mean for each zodiac sign. Read on to find out your personal forecast.


Allow yourself to be creative and express yourself in ways that require a lot of imagination. Today is the day of your astrological birth. This is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. With no retrograde planets and the Moon in Leo, you can focus on yourself with great determination.


Start a new project. The Sun's move into Aries is the best time to distract your enemies and focus your energy on what you love to do the most. Don't pay too much attention to what others think of you. Instead, let your positive energy help you stay on top of your dreams.


One area that you should start devoting time and attention to is the health and well-being of the company you are a part of. You can help yourself better understand clues to your personality strengths and relationship weaknesses by reading books or listening to podcasts. Study human nature and yourself through it.


Set bold goals for yourself. Be ambitious. With your determination, you will find opportunities that match your dreams and goals. You'll notice that you're getting things done, and this will strengthen your desire to continue.


Show more spontaneity. Be open to opportunities that may come your way in your career, life, and love. You never know how this openness can help you until you try. Get to know something new that you find interesting and appealing from a distance and you'll see how this experience will enrich your life.


Practice mindfulness. One thing you can do for yourself right now is to connect to your inner world. Spend time alone in nature or in your room, wherever you feel comfortable. Practice meditation and find something that brings you joy. Don't let your past or mistakes define your future.


Fight through difficulties in your personal life. It's time to focus on strengthening your relationships. This week, set aside time for dinner with a loved one. Be the one to initiate a call. Send a postcard or write a short message to let someone important to you know you're thinking of them.


You can really be a good leader. This is a powerful time for you. You can learn how to do what you really want to do and showcase your accomplishments widely. Ask as many questions as possible. Ask those who are doing the job you would like to have at some point. Things could change a lot soon.


You are an independent thinker at heart. Therefore, a very important period is beginning for you now. Achieve your goals, work on it. Make a to-do list and start planning how you will mark each step you take until everything is completed.


This is a great time to talk to influential people about mutually beneficial decisions you hope they will make. It's also a great day to plan important meetings with your bosses and express your personal wishes for the future of your business.


Learn something new about yourself. Now is a good time to start projects. You can start a new creative business. Look for inspiration in the biographies of famous people. Watch movies or programs about them, read biographical books, and get tips for yourself.


Do something fun. It's always nice to spend money on something relaxing that allows you to let go of your thoughts and ease your mind. If you have free time at work, think about how you can use it. Plan a fun day trip with family or friends and take lots of photos to remember it by.

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