Childhood dream: how to grow lemon from seed at home

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Sprouting lemons from seed is easier than it looks

Growing a plant from a seed or a bone is a truly meditative activity. Watching it hatch from the ground and form leaves and twigs is a lot of fun. Not to mention the fact that lemons can bear fruit even indoors. And who among us hasn't dreamed of picking citrus fruits grown with our own hands as a child?

One of the easiest trees to germinate at home is the lemon. You don't need any special planting material, special skills, or difficult conditions to get one for yourself. OBOZ.UA tells you how to grow a lemon from a seed yourself.

How to choose a seed?

A seed from a fruit purchased at the nearest supermarket is quite suitable for germination. It is better to choose large and healthy-looking fruits, and remove the pits without any signs of damage. Take out a few seeds to increase your chances of success and dry them on a paper towel. They will be ready to plant immediately afterwards.

Do I need to prepare the seed for planting?

Some people advise soaking the seeds before planting, and making a cross-shaped cut on hard seeds to make it easier for the sprout to break through the shell. In fact, both procedures do not offer any special advantages. In nature, plants cope with reproduction by seeds without it. Therefore, the lemon seed does not need any additional preparation.

What do you need to prepare for lemon germination?

You should not take a large pot at once - the young plant will invest too much energy in the development of the root system and will slowly grow the trunk and crown. For starters, a small pot with a drainage hole in the bottom will do. When the plant is strong enough, it can be transplanted.

If you are planting several seeds in one container, then plant the seeds in the ground at a distance of 5 cm from each other. The depth of planting is 1 cm.

You do not need to look for special soil for germinating lemon. The plant feels good in a universal mixture. The main thing is to water the container with the seed in time.

What are the conditions for germinating lemons?

In fact, for a lemon seed to germinate successfully, diffused daylight and a temperature of 18-22 degrees or higher will be enough. Some people cover the container with the seed with glass or plastic wrap until the seedling appears, which is about 14 days. This is a useful practice, but not mandatory. If you know you won't miss watering, you can do without such a greenhouse.

Place the pot with the lemon pith on the windowsill, wait for germination, and continue to water regularly. At first, the plant will not need fertilizing - it will have a supply of the necessary substances in the remains of the seed.

After about a year, the young lemon can be moved to a slightly larger pot. If you do everything right, the plant will soon delight you with unusually fragrant flowers. And if you provide it with the right care and comfortable conditions for a long time, you can even get fruit.

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