Check your date of birth: which numbers are lucky signs

Calculate your lucky number yourself

We all know about the notoriety of the number 13. But if there are unlucky numbers, then there must be lucky numbers. Numerology says that this is true, and it's not just about 7, there are others.

Numerologists advise looking for the key to success in your date of birth. Your number can greatly influence your luck and bring you many good things if you know it well.

Numbers that bring good luck

So, people definitely consider the seven to be lucky. But it's not the only one. It turns out that there can be much more lucky numbers.

For example, many cultures attach a positive meaning to the number 8. According to numerology, eight is a number that attracts money, wealth, and success like a magnet. It also carries with it power and authority. People associated with the eight can expect to prosper in life. These features of the number are due to its symmetrical shape, which is a guarantee of balance and harmony.

Another number that brings happiness is 3. It is considered a symbol of perfection and constant patronage from higher powers. Prosperity for those who are associated with the three occurs in the spiritual realm. In addition, 3 means harmony of body, soul, and mind. Being under its influence, we can be sure that there will be balance in personal relationships and in the professional sphere.

The number 9 is also considered exceptionally lucky - it brings with it wisdom, prudence and a tendency to deep reflection, and also promotes recognition in society. Nine is the number of long-lived people and people with a successful love life. People associated with the nine begin to radiate magic and positivity themselves.

Unlucky numbers

The number 1 can bring misfortune. According to numerology, it brings bad luck in your personal life. Troubles will be observed in the sphere of close relationships, and the influence of this number on marriage is especially destructive.

Another bad luck number is 4. Its notoriety comes from Chinese culture. In Chinese, the words "four" and "death" sound identical, so many Asian countries avoid using this number, do not number floors and rooms with it, avoid it in phone numbers, etc.

Numerology says that the bad reputation of the number 13 is also not unfounded. It breaks the harmony created by the number 12. Therefore, it is perceived as something that brings chaos. Its influence is so strong that some people also call it the number of Satan.

How to calculate your lucky number

You can calculate your individual lucky number by your date of birth. Write it down in a numerical format. For example, not November 14, 1997, but 14.11.1997. Then add all the digits together: 1+4+1+1+1+9+9+7=33.

In this example, we have a two-digit number. To bring it to the final result, you need to add both digits together. In this case, it will be 3+3, or 6. The result means that the numerological number of a person born on November 14, 1997 is 6. The lucky number is calculated from this number.

To get it, you need to multiply the numerological number by itself. According to the example above, we multiply 6 by 6. And again, we get a two-digit 36. Finally, we repeat the procedure of adding both parts until we get a single-digit number. In our example, it is 3+6=9. So, for a person born on November 14, 1997, the lucky number is 9.

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