Cats that attract luck and money: 'lucky' breeds

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Siamese cats or Korats will bring luck and prosperity to your home

Cats are often credited with magical powers. For example, the ability to cure diseases. And there's no need to mention the number of bad omens associated with black fluffy cats. It is difficult to verify whether this is true or not, but some breeds are still considered to actually attract good luck and money.

OBOZREVATEL asked which cats have such a reputation. And tells you more about them.

Kao Mani

Cats that attract luck and money: 'lucky' breeds

The ancient breed, developed in Thailand around the thirteenth century, also has a second name - the diamond eye. This is because these animals have snow-white, smooth fur and multi-colored eyes: one is yellow-green, and the other is sky-blue. According to Thai belief, the Kao Mani brings wealth and good luck to its owners, so at first only the nobility could keep them.

Siamese cat

Cats that attract luck and money: 'lucky' breeds

Another breed from ancient Thailand is considered a real talisman. The blue eyes on the Siamese's black muzzle look bottomless, so you can stare into them endlessly. This is probably the reason for the magical halo around this cat. It is believed that Siamese cats attract good luck to the house. They are also one of the longest-lived cats, so many people believe that they extend the life of their owners.


Cats that attract luck and money: 'lucky' breeds

In ancient Thailand, where these green-eyed beauties come from, the breed was called Shih Sawat, which literally means 'those who bring good luck, happiness.' Cats of this breed were given to newlyweds for weddings so that love, harmony, and prosperity would always reign in their homes. They are calm creatures who do not like fuss. Therefore, the presence of a Siamese cat in the house will definitely create a cozier atmosphere.

Japanese bobtail

Cats that attract luck and money: 'lucky' breeds

In Japanese culture, these tailless cats are prized for their tri-color coloration - a white body with black and yellow spots. It is called mi-ke and is considered a good luck charm. The famous Japanese maneki-neko cat figurines with a raised paw are an artistic interpretation of this particular breed and are believed to attract good people and money. Similar mystical properties are attributed to Japanese bobtails. The Japanese fell in love with them when these cats saved the country from a rodent invasion in 1602.

Outbred cat

Cats that attract luck and money: 'lucky' breeds

If we continue with the topic of the East, Eastern philosophy operates with such a concept as karma. Rescuing a purebred cat from the street or a shelter is considered good karma. By providing the animal with a warm home, care, and your love, it brings happiness in return.

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