Cat or kitten: whom is it better to choose for your home

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The gender of the cat can partially influence its character

When choosing a pet, one of the main questions is whether to get a male or female. When it comes to cats, their behavior is generally not much different depending on sex. However, cats can scream during the period of sexual desire, and a cat can learn to mark everything. There are also some other peculiarities.

So how do you choose the sex of a cat for your home? OBOZREVATEL figured out the details.

Where the animal will live 

If you take a furry cat to a private home, it will likely walk outside where it will meet other cats. In this case, there is a fairly high probability of conflict. Even though cats can also defend themselves, a male cat will be better able to defend his interests. Besides, in this case, if you decide not to neuter the animal, there will be plenty of places to leave marks. However, you should prepare for the fact that the cat will leave the house for several days in search of adventure. This can be quite stressful.

The cat will feel good in a city apartment. Females are usually a bit calmer and often prefer to lie on the couch next to their human. Although there are exceptions, of course.


Male domestic cats are usually larger than female cats. And sometimes noticeably larger. This is especially evident in the case of giant breeds. A Maine Coon cat will weigh about 5-6 kg, which is quite normal for such an animal. But a cat can be larger than 10 kg in weight. Therefore, you need to consider whether your home will have enough space for a fluffy pet.


Contrary to stereotypes, male cats are often friendlier than female cats. So, if you often have guests, a male cat is a better choice. If you prefer to be alone or rarely have anyone in your home except family members, a cat will feel better in such an environment.

Similarly, male cats are more likely to be affectionate with each of their humans and will socialize with strangers. Whereas female cats are more likely to choose one favorite person and interact with them the most. But not without exceptions. This, however, does not negate the fact that feeding a pet is the responsibility of every family member, regardless of the sex of the animal and the status of the person's relationship with it.

Attitude towards children

The maternal instinct is more likely to tell a cat that a small person should be treated patiently. Even a cat that doesn't like unnecessary contact would rather hide from a little brat and warn him with a scream to stay away from the animal than attack him right away. Cats, on the other hand, are unlikely to be ceremonious with children if they don't like something. Therefore, families with small children are more likely to be advised to get cats.


Aggressive behavior is an undesirable trait for a domestic cat. Studies show that the tendency to it does not depend on the sex of the animal. It is an individual trait that can develop in both male and female cats. However, unsterilized cats may be more likely to show aggression when they are in heat or protecting their kittens. This problem can be solved surgically. Also, negative experiences in the past (physical violence, fierce competition with other cats, etc.) can increase the level of aggression of a feline. Early weaning and physical punishment can also make a cat more aggressive.

Interaction with other cats

It is known that cats get along best with each other. An older female is more likely to accept and love another female. Especially if both are sterilized. An unsterilized cat is likely to show aggression toward the newcomer. Males in nature prefer to live alone and may not get along with a new neighbor. However, this behavior is much less pronounced in neutered animals. However, if you breed several kittens at once and raise them together from an early age, gender will not matter much at all.

How sterilization can help

Most of the differences between cats and cats that can be caused by the sex of the pet are eliminated by spaying the animal. The cat stops marking, the cat loses its sex drive, and it does not produce and, accordingly, does not protect kittens. In addition, sterilized animals live longer and have fewer health problems. So, if you don't plan to breed cats, it's better to have your furry friend undergo surgery. At the present stage, they are performed with minimal intervention, and even cats do not need complicated and lengthy rehabilitation after the procedure.

In any case, despite some generalizations, the character of a cat or a cat often depends on the individual characteristics of each animal. Gender affects the behavior of a furry pet to a lesser extent than its previous life experience or innate traits.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you which cat breeds may be more prone to aggression.

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