Can orthopedic pillows be washed and how to do it right

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Most orthopedic pillows are not machine washable

A sedentary lifestyle makes us pay more and more attention to orthopedic pillows. They are able to relieve neck and shoulder tension that develops during sitting.

However, the question of how to properly care for orthopedic pillows may arises. They are made of high-tech materials that are unlikely to survive machine wash. OBOZREVATEL has gathered some tips on this subject.

Memory foam

Pillows made of polyurethane foam "remember" the most comfortable shape for you and support your neck and head in this position. However, rapid rotation in the washing machine drum can damage this delicate material. Therefore, experts advise to take care of such products, taking advantage of the peculiarities of their porous structure.

Remove all pillowcases and covers from the pillow. Put warm (not hot) water in a bowl of the appropriate size or in the bathtub and dilute a little mild detergent in it. Immerse the pillow in this solution, wait a few seconds until it is completely soaked, and then gently press down on it several times. This way, the soapy water will pass through the pores in the foam and rinse them.

Rinse the memory foam in the same way but in clean water. Repeat the procedure until no traces of soap are left in the water, and then squeeze it out with similar pressure. Do not unscrew it in any way. Dry the pillow at room temperature.


Latex pillows are softer than similar products made of memory foam, so they require daily fluffing and more frequent maintenance. About 2-3 times a year, they should be washed in relatively hot water, up to 50 degrees.

Do not shake the product too much as this can damage the structure of the latex. Toss the pillow a little in water with a small amount of delicate detergent and rinse it well. After that, carefully distribute the filling so that it is evenly distributed inside the pillow and dry it on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight as it has a destructive effect on the material.


Due to its softness and hypoallergenic properties, this material is suitable even for children's pillows. It is good to air holofiber once a week to keep it fresh for a long time. However, where there are children, there are stains.

Fortunately, this filler is machine washable, with some restrictions. The mode should be delicate, the rinse should be non-intensive and, if possible, short. Moreover, you should you use machine spinning or drying. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. The water should be at the same temperature for hand washing the holofiber.

Just like latex, this filling should be thoroughly beaten after washing and made sure that it is evenly distributed in the pillow. Such products should also be dried in a natural way.

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