Breeds of dogs that are expensive to maintain: there will be too many expenses

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Yorkies, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and French Bulldogs require significant expenses for health maintenance

Quality pet care is not a cheap pleasure. Proper food, toys, and health care all require money. But when it comes to dogs, some breeds can really cost their owners a pretty penny.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of popular breeds that require additional expenses, mostly due to health features but also grooming.

Yorkshire Terrier

Extremely popular indoor dogs require regular grooming because their hair is constantly growing, just like human hair. If the Yorkie participates in exhibitions, it will need separate grooming to keep it shiny and healthy. Regular problems with the teeth of these dogs may also require annual expensive procedures under anesthesia.

French Bulldog

Like any brachycephalic breed, the French Bulldog is prone to breathing problems - this should be closely monitored, and any slightest problem should be taken to the doctor. Sometimes, to make it easier for the animal to breathe, they need to undergo surgery on the airways. French Bulldogs are also prone to diseases of the eyes, ears, cardiovascular system, spine, and joints. Prevention of all these problems is often extremely expensive.

Golden Retriever

This breed is popular because of its sociability and optimism. However, the problematic side of Golden Retrievers is their health. They have problematic joints, skin, eyes, and ears. They are also prone to cancer. Saving a pet will require chemotherapy, radiation, and other expensive procedures. Curing the animal will be expensive but quite possible.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These wonderful shaggy babies are in very poor health. Cavaliers often have problems with the heart, joints, eyes, and other organs and organ systems. They need constant veterinary care and can suffer from several diseases at the same time. Many of these dogs have to take medication every day for the rest of their lives. The costs and worries are, of course, borne by the owner.

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