Breathe easy: Experts explain the importance of nasal hygiene for respiratory health

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Nose hygiene is an important aspect of respiratory health. Our nose holds the first line of defense against pathogens and airborne contaminants. Keeping it clean and hydrated can help prevent respiratory diseases.

One effective method of nasal hygiene is the use of saline sodium chloride solution. It is safe and natural and can be used to prevent and treat a variety of nasal mucosal conditions, including rhinitis, sinusitis, and allergic rhinitis. Physiological sodium chloride solution helps moisten and clean the nasal passages, and reduces dryness and discomfort caused by dust, smog, and other irritants.

The Zdorovye Pharmaceutical Company produces a line of Aquamax products in the form of a spray and nasal drops. It is a highly purified stabilized 0.65% sodium chloride solution that matches the natural nasal secretion as much as possible.


Aquamax 20 ml drops are used for children under one year of age and are the best choice for infants. Aquamax dosage spray with a volume of 20, 50, and 100 ml is a form of release in which the liquid is without pressure: one press leads to a single injection. Pressurized bottles of 50, 100, and 150 ml are relevant for older children and adults, especially in the presence of viscous mucus.

Aquamax is used for infants, children, and adults for hygienic care of the nasal cavity, prevention and comprehensive treatment of nasal mucus diseases, elimination of dryness during air conditioning or central heating radiators, during air flights, after surgical interventions in the nasal cavity and nasal sinuses.

Aquamax spray gently rinses the nose thanks to a special fine spray system. Effectively moistens nasal mucosa, liquefies thick mucus, softens dry crusts, and facilitates their easy removal. As a consequence, it improves odor perception and transport function of atrial fibrillation, restores nasal breathing, shortens the rehabilitation period, and eliminates the need for local vasoconstrictors.

The Aquamax preparation containing 0,65% sodium chloride solution is a safe and effective means of nasal care. It is suitable both for prevention and for the complex treatment of various nasal mucosal diseases. By using sodium chloride solution for daily hygiene, you will help keep your nasal passages healthy.

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