Best 7-seater cars: what model to choose in 2023

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The Nissan X-Trail, Land Rover Defender, and Kia EV9 would be great choices for a family car.

The capacity of hte car is the most important characteristic when choosing a family car. 7-seater cars are well suited for a large family. They can be found in different classes, as well as with different engines like gasoline, electric and hybrid.

British publication Autoexpress has gathered the top ten best seven-seaters for 2023. Some of them can be arranged according to the 5+2 scheme at the expense of the trunk. These are comfortable and reliable models.

Dacia Jogger

The model offers space for seven people and the trunk capacity of a station wagon, as well as a bit of off-road style for quite reasonable money. The Jogger is relatively inexpensive not only to buy but also to maintain. It is quite economical in fuel consumption in its class. The interior of the model is equipped with tables and cup holders, which is convenient for a long family trip. All configurations except for the basic one also have a convenient eight-inch infotainment touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The model also comes with a hybrid engine.

Skoda Kodiaq

The Czech car brand has successfully combined practicality, maneuverability, refinement and value. The heart of Kodiaq's success is its spacious and versatile interior. Seven seats have all model configurations, except for the base one. The interior of the Czech car is also stuffed with convenient solutions for trifles: you can find things from an umbrella stand to an ice scraper. There is no electrified version of the Kodiaq yet.

Kia EV9

Engineers of the Korean car brand have stopped making compromises when it comes to interior equipment. The EV9 interior impresses with its quality and design, although it is focused on the comfort of the whole family. The auto has excellent viewing angles, ample legroom, is equipped with storage spaces and has plenty of USB ports on all rows. When the third row is unfolded, the trunk of the auto has a volume of 333 liters and 828 liters when assembled.

Kia Sorento

Sorento is first of all a part of the SUV family, which means that it can boast a roomy interior that can accommodate seven adults. At the same time, the finishing and interior design are above its main competitors. The infotainment system looks great and is easy to use, plus the model is equipped with the latest driver aids. All versions have an all-wheel drive, as well as the option of a hybrid drivetrain.

Citroen e-Berlingo XL

The brainchild of the French brand can be deterred by the fact that it looks like a van rather than an SUV. However, in terms of features, it is a wonderful family car. The electric Berlingo has a third row of seats and remains very spacious and comfortable even for adult passengers. The 134-horsepower electric motor sends motion to the front wheels, so even fully loaded with passengers and luggage, it still feels quite peppy.

Nissan X-Trail

The new generation SUV gets more passenger space and better interior quality, as well as excellent safety features and Nissan's unique e-Power hybrid setup. This provides a smooth ride and electric car-like performance without worrying about available range. The X-Trail's shortcomings include the lack of a third row of seats in the base model and limited space for them in all others. The luggage space isn't the best in the large SUV class either. However, it copes well even with bumpy roads and is comfortable when driving in city traffic.

Land Rover Discovery

Combining luxury, comfort, practicality and off-road ability, the Discovery is a family car for all seasons. A recent redesign has made it more refined on the outside, as well as giving it the latest Pivi Pro infotainment system and a club-class interior. Meanwhile, the model has a large trunk and can carry a load of up to 3,500 pounds. Discovery is still spacious in the middle row, so even two adult passengers will be comfortable in the back row. The rear seats are set a little higher than the front seats to provide the best view forward, but the elaborate roof leaves enough space above the head. However, such luxury doesn't come cheap either.

Peugeot 5008

An elongated version of the 3008, the 5008 essentially has the same distinctive styling and its interior combines modern design with the latest technology. However, the i-Cockpit system won't suit everyone, as you have to look over the steering wheel to see the dashboard. It's best to check if you'll be comfortable with this beforehand. There are plenty of handy storage spaces throughout the cabin and the back row is good for children. Peugeot 5008 offers 167 liters of trunk space when unfolded and 952 liters when assembled.

Volvo XC90

There is enough room for seven adults inside the popular Swedish SUV. It also has a comfortable interior with a minimalist design. One of the main charms of the XC90 is very comfortable seats. Plus, it's quite enjoyable to drive. A recent battery upgrade has increased its electric range to 65 kilometers.

Land Rover Defender

The brutal Defender has quickly become one of the best large premium SUVs on the market. Its recognizable exterior is backed up by astonishing levels of comfort, a well-designed interior and incredible off-road capability. The Defender is available in three variants: the three-door 90, the 110 model, which seats five to seven people, and the even larger 130 model, which seats up to eight people. The seven-seat Defender 110 has a middle row that provides ample space and can shift forward to make the third row comfortable for taller children if not adults. There's ample storage in the cabin and the 231-liter trunk turns into a 2,233-liter trunk once the rear row is assembled.

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