Berries will be twice as big: what to do with raspberries in November

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What to do with raspberries in November

Growers should devote enough time to caring for their raspberry bushes in the fall to harvest large and juicy berries next year. White worms can often be seen on the fruit. These are the larvae of raspberry flies and raspberry beetles.

To prevent these pests from appearing on the fruit, you need to treat the bushes in November. OBOZ.UA has found effective tips to help you do this.

Bordeaux mixture

This is a mixture of copper sulfate and quicklime. Fungal diseases most often affect plants and can destroy the entire crop. Fungi enter through stomata, cuttings, damaged tissue, wounds, and sunburn and spread to the entire plant. All this happens because of the low temperature.

In November, you need to spray raspberry bushes with a one percent solution of Bordeaux fluid to protect the seedlings from diseases.

3% chlorpyrifos solution

Treatment with this solution will help protect raspberries from pests. Insects remain to winter in the soil or under the bark.

These preventive measures will significantly increase raspberry yields.

During this period, you should not cut off affected and damaged branches. You need to think about this in advance and prune them in September. This will help to form a healthy and strong bush.

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