Attracts misfortune: what things should not be kept at home

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Attracts misfortune: what things should not be kept at home

According to folk beliefs, some things accumulate negative energy and can have a bad effect on health. It has long been believed that you should not keep broken mirrors or dishes, empty bottles, or belongings of the dead in your home. It is better to throw away gifts from unpleasant people or enemies, as there is a chance that they were given with bad intentions.

Few people know that even souvenirs made of shells brought from the sea can be dangerous. Why it is better to throw away worn-out clothes and what kind of trouble a broken watch portends, read in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Old clothes

Worn-out clothes can bring health problems. It is especially advised to throw away old shoes and slippers.

Bad energy on things accumulates over the years, so it's important to update your wardrobe regularly. Esotericists say that it is better not to buy things at second-hand stores, because you don't know who wore them before you.

So, if you have a habit of keeping worn-out things, experts advise you to get rid of it.

Trash in pockets and bags

Folk wisdom says that you can find everything in women's handbags. However, the contents of bags, wallets, and pockets should be regularly reviewed and cleaned of junk. Old fiscal receipts, papers, tickets, advertisements attract clutter. Confusion and failure can begin in life.

Broken glass

This is one of the oldest superstitions. Broken mirrors, cracked dishes, broken cups - all of these things carry the energy of loss. It is advised to get rid of such things as soon as possible.

Things of the dead

Of course, the things of those who are no longer with us are very precious as a memory. But such clothes or shoes can bring trouble to the house. The family may suddenly start getting sick and health problems may become chronic.

Defective photos

Don't rush to throw away old photos right away. Especially since old cameras a priori produced fuzzy, blurry images. You can keep old photos as a memory, but only in an album. It is not recommended to hang such photos on the wall or frame them.


It is not advisable to keep empty bottles in the house. They can cause difficulties in financial aspects. Money will be spent, savings will decrease, and new income will not come in. Therefore, you should take the bottles for recycling.

Some souvenirs from the sea

Many people will be surprised, but the shells that we often buy at resorts as souvenirs also carry a negative impact. According to experts, this is because a dead mollusk once lived in the shell. You should get rid of such souvenirs.


It has long been believed that souvenirs with images of a pigeon, crow, stork, or eagle can bring bad luck to a house. Many people collect elephant figurines. But an elephant with a lowered trunk is a sign of despondency and depression. It is better not to collect plaster figures of lions or dogs on the shelves - this is bad luck.

Dry bouquets

People have long believed that flowers should be thrown away after they have wilted. Dry bouquets can bring illness to the family.

If you still use brooms, change them more often. Negativity accumulates on the broom.

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