Attracting trouble: trees you shouldn't plant near your house

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Oak has too strong an energy, and walnut and pine will not bring any benefits near the house

Spring is a good time to plant young trees. And many of us will go outside our homes to make the yard or street greener. But when choosing what to plant, you need to pay attention to which trees can be dangerous from an energy point of view.

OBOZREVATEL has analyzed what are the folk signs in this regard. Here is a list of tree species that are better not to be placed right under your windows.


Oak has always been considered a sacred tree, but it's a bad idea to plant it near your home. Its powerful energy can lead to the death of the head of the family. In addition, it can be too powerful a neighbor for physically weak and sick people. And even healthy people can be drained of a lot of energy.


Birch is considered a powerful talismanic tree, but only if it grows behind a fence. In this case, you can put a bench next to it, and it will be a good place to socialize and at the same time a strong barrier against negativity. Spirits can settle in the crown of a birch tree, but they are not always favorable to people, so let its branches be at a certain distance from the house.


This tree is not allowed to be planted in honor of the birth of a child because it is strongly associated with death. It is even believed that whoever plants a willow will die the same year. Therefore, willows do not belong near people's homes.

Walnut tree

A walnut tree is a great choice for a summer cottage; its fruits are healthy, and its leaves saturate the air with iodine. But it has no place near the house. However, the explanation is simple: the branched root system of the tree can damage the foundation of the house.


It is also not recommended to plant pines near the house for quite practical reasons. The lush crown of the tree provides a lot of shade, and the needles do not turn into nutritious humus. It can be difficult for other plants to thrive next to such a beauty. Although, if you are not afraid of this, the energy of the pine tree is generally considered positive.

Ornamental thuja

Thuja is considered a plant that drives away suitors from the house. Therefore, if there are unmarried girls in the house, it is better to refrain from planting this tree. In addition, many cultures consider it a symbol of grief and sorrow. That is why so many thuja trees grow in cemeteries.

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