Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of the lost Church of the Apostles, which is 1500 years old. Photo

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An important find was made on the northern shore of Lake Galilee

In the historical region of northern Israel, on the border with Lebanon - Galilee, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a building that, according to experts, is the ruins of an ancient Byzantine church, which was probably built on the site of the house of the Apostles Peter and Andrew. So far, experts have been able to excavate only a third of the building.

According to Mail Online, the excavations took place near the Sea of Galilee at the site where the fishing village of Bethsaida was allegedly located. According to a number of Christian sources, it was there that the brothers, the Apostles Andrew and Peter, were born (to see the photo, scroll down).

Experts have suggested that in their search they came across the brothers' home. This is evidenced by the ruins of a Byzantine church, which, according to historians and eyewitnesses, was built on the site of the apostles' house. In particular, this place was visited around 725 and then described in detail by the Bavarian bishop of Eisteti, Willibald. It was he who said that the religious building was erected on the site where Andrew and Peter used to live.

"So far we have excavated only one third of the site, but it is already clear that it was a church. This is evidenced by its layout and mosaics," the archaeologists noted.

They also clarified that they were guided in their search by Willibald's records, and he "made the most detailed description of the object."

The Apostle Andrew (Andrew the First-Called) was the first to be called and follow Jesus Christ. After the Resurrection of Christ and His Ascension to heaven, the apostles went to preach Christianity to other nations, including Andrew.

The Apostle Peter was the older brother of the Apostle Andrew. He was married and was a fisherman. Strong and fiery in spirit, he took an influential place in the circle of Christ's apostles. He boldly confessed the Lord Jesus Christ, and for this he was called the Rock (Peter).

Two brothers - the Apostles Peter and Andrew the First-Called
Archaeological excavations were carried out near the Sea of Galilee
Archaeologists find ruins of ancient Byzantine church
Scientists believe they have found not only the location of Bethsaida, but also the site of the apostles' house
Only a third of the building has been excavated so far
Archaeologists find Byzantine mosaic

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