Apples will be large and juicy: how to feed an apple tree in June

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How to grow large and tasty apples

Apple trees are not very picky trees, so it is not difficult to grow a tasty and juicy harvest. It is important to follow the rules of good neighbourliness: it is not recommended to plant an apple tree next to cherries, peaches, lilacs or jasmine.

The next important rule is fertilisation. June is the perfect time to fertilise garden cultivated plants. The fact is that fruit trees grow in one place for years. Naturally, the soil becomes very depleted and there comes a period when the apple tree cannot get the necessary amount of nutrients. Even the most fertile land is not a guarantee of a consistently abundant harvest. OBOZREVATEL tells you how to feed an apple tree in June.

How to feed an apple tree

It is best to fertilise during flowering and ovary formation. You can use ash or monopotassium phosphate.

Wood ash

Dilute 1 glass of wood ash in a container with 10 litres of water. Water the tree abundantly at the root with the resulting solution.

Monopotassium phosphate

Monopotassium phosphate is a water-soluble potassium phosphate. The fertiliser will increase the yield and improve the quality of apples. One adult tree requires 40 g of fertiliser. Dilute this amount in 20 litres of water, and then water the apple tree at the root. In June, one such top dressing is enough.

It is important to remember that young trees should be fertilised during the flowering period, and old trees should be fertilised when the ovary is already falling off.


Which fertiliser should not be used in June

Gardeners often make a common mistake - they apply too much nitrogen and nitrogen-based fertilisers. In June, the apple tree does not need nitrogen fertilisation. This can lead to the fact that the young tree will really grow, grow lush and beautiful, but will produce very few apples.

By the way, few people know that grass under apple trees should not be mowed. What is the essence of the ban and what are the consequences - read the article.

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