An American woman with the help of simple life hacks increased the value of her own home by $132 thousand

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Mel Ritchie was just fulfilling her fantasy

Mel Ritchie, an American woman, increased the value of her home by $132 thousand with the help of a few simple interior design life hacks. The woman bought a four-bedroom townhouse in 2017 for $600 thousand. Then she decided to leave her mark on it and started the transformation from the kitchen.

According to The Sun, Ritchie changed the plumbing, and sink, repainted the walls, and updated the seams on the tiles on the floor for only $1,300. She was able to change the kitchen cabinets for only $100 by removing the lamination with a hairdryer and priming the surfaces. The same amount of money was spent on reed-effect window film along with new kitchen cabinet handles.

Mel Ritchie dramatically transformed a house for only $26 thousand.

The American then covered the countertops with DC-Fix vinyl to give the effect of wood. She spent $40 on this.

Mel Ritchie bought the house four years ago.

She changed her bedroom beyond recognition with beadboard and a fresh coat of paint on the nightstands. Ritchie also spent $60 on new MDF boards for the cabinets and a headboard that she covered with fabric.

Mel Ritchie covered the headboard with fabric by hand.

"You can paint anything you want. There are so many amazing ways to decorate things. For example, I created stained glass windows using lead tape and colored window film," she says.

Mel Ritchie painted the facades and walls.

In total, the American woman estimates that she spent $26,000 on renovating the house over four years. A recent appraisal showed that its value is now $730,000.

Mel Ritchie did everything with her own hands.

Ritchie also showed the result of her work in a video.

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