Africa will split into 2 parts, a new ocean will emerge: scientists show alarming video prediction

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Africa is splitting apart

Scientists predict that the Earth will undergo changes on a planetary scale. In addition to global warming, mass extinction, melting glaciers, catastrophic floods, tsunamis and devastating earthquakes, humanity may even face a continental split.

Back in 2005, geologists confirmed that Africa would split into two parts and a new ocean would appear on the planet. And recently, scientists have shocked with a study published by The New Times .

A 56-km-long fault was discovered in the Ethiopian desert, which geologists predict is the beginning of a new sea. Thus, Africa is divided in two.

The journal Geophysical Research Letters published data showing that the tectonic plates of Africa and Arabia collide in the Ethiopian desert. This leads to their gradual separation. Similar processes occur at the bottom of the ocean. The Red Sea is also split as a result of tectonic changes, but, according to scientists, "this happens only at a rate of a fraction of an inch per year" (1 inch = 2.54 cm).

"I can say with high probability that a new ocean is indeed forming along the length of the African Rift Valley, along its eastern arm," said Dr Edwin Dindi, who works in the Department of Geology at the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Geologists confirm high seismological activity in the eastern arm of the rift valley. Ground tremors are constantly recorded near and around it. Tectonic plates move, some shift, some fall under each other, others break - this changes the landscape of the planet and creates faults. It is these tectonic movements that have shaped the current continents on Earth.

But scientists reassure us that the African rift is a matter of millions of years.

The Rift Valley in East Africa is one of the largest rift areas on the planet. It stretches from Jordan to Mozambique.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that a supercomputer predicted the date of the end of the world when humanity will perish.

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