A woman came up with a way to make the house smell like fresh laundry and caused excitement on the internet

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The method is effective for deep cleaning

A reusable brush and your favorite fabric softener are all you need to make your home smell delightful. After these tricks, the pleasant aroma in the house will last for a long time, creating the impression of a freshly cleaned space.

According to Mirror, Gemma Bradley shared this cleaning secret on TikTok, and her advice quickly went viral.

She emphasized that keeping the house clean is one thing, but maintaining a pleasant fragrance is another challenge.

Gemma Bradley, 35, revealed that she fills a reusable Dishmatic washing brush with golden orchid fabric softener, adds a little water, and uses the mixture to clean radiators, baseboards, and door frames.

She mentioned that she employs this technique at least once a month or whenever she engages in a deep cleaning session at home.

"I really enjoy being a mom, but I also wanted to do something I was good at and enjoyed. For me, it's cleaning and also creating content. It's very calming and keeps my mind busy instead of worrying about different things," the blogger said.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the blogger told how to clean the refrigerator. 

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