A very powerful transit: what the warrior Mars will bring to all signs in October and November. Horoscope

It's important to skillfully control the tumultuous Martian energy

If your life has seemed boring lately, get ready for the fact that soon it will start throwing you surprises you never expected. The reason for this will be Mars, which will be in the constellation of Scorpio from October 12 to November 24. The energy of this planet controls motivation and sexuality, so the level of vitality in all of us will increase significantly. But not everyone will be able to cope with this. It will be difficult to resist temptations and fight anger. At the same time, however, a charge of energy directed in the right direction can bring enormous positive results.

Astrologers analyzed what all zodiac signs should expect from this transit of Mars. Find out what they predict and recommend for you.


You will be unstoppable while Mars is in Scorpio. Although the Martian energy will act as a subconscious driving force on you, it will also help you to be more comfortable with your desires and allow you to achieve everything you want. Work on your financial strategies and you will improve your financial situation. Your personal life can improve as your intimate relationships can become deeper. Mars in Scorpio may even help in expanding your opportunities. However, you may need to do some intense self-reflection to reap the benefits of this transit.


Your innate inner peace will be disturbed, and your life principles will be put to a great test. On the one hand, this can be the perfect transit to set your boundaries and expectations so you don't break the rules. But on the other hand, this cosmic energy can intensify any disagreements between you and your partners. If you feel your frustrations are growing, try to find a solution to avoid losing the relationships that matter to you.


Don't waste this transit of Mars, as it will boost your career. The energy of the Red Planet can help you define the main tasks and goals in your daily life. You will feel an unprecedented focus on your tasks and see ways to achieve the desired heights in relationships, personal dreams, and work. It will also be a good time to take care of your health and introduce new healthy habits.


Mars in Scorpio brings you a lot of pleasure and romance. Experiment in the creative field - you may find a new hobby for life. But don't be surprised if it swallows you up. Mars does not like to waste time on trifles. Expect things to speed up in the love department. But try not to lose your head in love with the first person you meet - you can make a big mistake and be bitterly disappointed. Try your best to take your time.


Keep your cool, as Mars in Scorpio brings you difficulties in family relationships and communication with your inner circle. Any joint work can become a source of irritation for you. Therefore, if you can postpone something like this for later, you should. Instead, all projects that you can complete on your own will progress quite rapidly thanks to your perseverance. The most successful area of effort will be home organization - home decoration or repair.


Your insight and attention to detail will increase during this Martian transit. Communicate with people, you'll learn a lot about them and will be able to establish effective and mutually beneficial communication. In general, Mars in Scorpio will make you a machine for finding and organizing information. Make the most of this period by organizing documents, making plans, and finding out the information you need.


Making money isn't easy, but Mars moving into Scorpio will help you capitalize on all the points where you put your efforts. Look for new opportunities to make money and you will get them. It's a good time to set a new financial goal and improve your financial security. But before you jump at the offer, think about whether it's in line with your values and whether it will be a disappointment when this transit is over.


As soon as Mars enters your sign, your strength, perseverance, and self-confidence will be highlighted. But be careful, this brilliance can blind people, so think about the impression you make on others. Watch your words, tone, body language, facial expressions, etc. if you want to attract people and not scare them away with your bubbling energy. You are now like an element that can be both a source of creation and a destructive force. What you become is up to you.


Your fiery energy multiplied by the energy of Mars in Scorpio will bring you increased irritability. You should work on your sensitivity, as you may overreact to the words and actions of others. Through self-analysis, you can let go of internal resentment. Also, pay attention to your dreams - they will tell you what pain points you need to work on. Also, listen to your intuition. You will receive a lot of useful information from within.


You are entering a period of reviewing your relationships. Some of your connections have become a support for you and these people deserve your special gratitude and friendship. But those, who bring you problems and disappointments - it's time to let them go. Now the quality of communication is more important to you than the quantity. In addition, you will want to surround yourself with influential people. They will be able to support you on the path to your dreams, which you have recently started.


No one and nothing will be able to stand in your way - that's how much energy Mars brings you. You can finally achieve the results you've been hoping for and become famous for your achievements. Be guided by your determination, perseverance, and ambition. But don't forget that the flip side of the coin here is belligerence and aggression - remember to keep them under control. It's not your weapon, you can get hurt with it.


Adventure is calling your name. Take advantage of this call to get a better education. Sign up for courses, go to university, and get a long-desired professional certificate. Perhaps you will have a chance to travel to a mysterious place that has long been beckoning you. And this journey can be not only physical but also spiritual. In any case, the path will bring you self-knowledge. Wherever you go now, it will lead to great personal growth.

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