A simple habit will help you live longer: you should do it every day

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People who can sit on the floor and get up from it in their old age tend to live longer

When we set up a new home, we always think about where to place a sofa and a comfortable chair. However, these comfortable pieces of furniture for sitting may not be as beneficial as a regular hard floor, especially for older people.

According to Live Strong, this is supported by the results of a study published in July 2014 in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. It turns out that the ability to rise from the floor is a predictor of longevity for people aged 51 to 80. The study results revealed that those who had the most difficulty with this action were five to six times more likely to die during the researchers' observation period than those who could easily sit on the floor and rise from it.

In 2020, another team of researchers conducted a similar study and confirmed the previous findings, highlighting the benefits of sitting on the floor.

The reason is that how well you can transition from standing to sitting and vice versa reflects your overall health, fitness, and body functionality. This was explained by Gbolahan Okubadejo, MD, a spine and orthopedic surgeon from New York City.

He explained that getting on and off the floor every day is a simple and effective way to maintain strength, performance, and vitality as we age. He provided several explanations for why it is so beneficial.

Better balance, stability, and coordination

According to Dr. Okubadejo, something as simple as sitting down on the floor and then standing up can engage your whole body's balance, stability, and coordination. The more you perform this exercise, the better your balance will become, which is particularly important as people enter old age when they are prone to falls and related fractures. A balanced body can help prevent such incidents.

Greater mobility

Dr. Okubadejo also noted that transitioning to sitting on the floor engages the muscles surrounding several joints and body parts, such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and feet. This can improve their mobility, helping joints maintain a full range of motion, which is essential for maintaining the ability to move freely. This can also prevent injury and pain as we age.

Stronger core and legs

Sitting on the floor helps strengthen the muscles of the body and legs, as they are involved in the process. The orthopedist recommended repeating this exercise several times a day. Additionally, getting up from the floor mimics movements similar to squats, considered one of the most beneficial exercises. Therefore, regular floor-sitting essentially includes several repetitions of lower body exercises throughout the day.

Healthy posture

Sitting on the floor can improve your posture, which is closely related to balance. As you transition from standing to sitting and back, your joints need to work to maintain your body's balance. Proper body alignment involves how your head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles fit together, according to the US National Osteoporosis Foundation. Additionally, sitting on the floor encourages you to maintain an upright posture instead of slouching, which is another factor in healthy aging.

How to sit on the floor for healthy longevity

Of course, not all floor-sitting positions are correct and beneficial. Dr. Okubadejo explained how to do it most effectively to maintain health.

  • Avoid slouching: Curved back positions can place extra stress on spinal discs and vertebrae. Sit with your torso tall and straight, lowering and gently bringing together your shoulder blades.
  • Use a small pillow or towel: To prevent discomfort in the coccyx and help align your pelvis with your spine, place a small pillow or towel beneath you.
  • Move your legs: Avoid staying in one position for too long. Try sitting cross-legged, then extending your legs straight in front of you, and later, bending your knees with your feet on the floor. You can perform these movements in any order to avoid discomfort.

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