A puzzle for the most attentive: find the differences in 12 seconds

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The puzzle. Illustrative image

Among all the types of puzzles, the most useful are the ones that involve finding differences. This is a great way to improve your visual memory and concentration. It's a difficult task to determine the differences between two almost identical pictures, so these puzzles will test your mental agility and observation.

An interesting test is gaining popularity online. You have to find three differences in 12 seconds.

Find the differences

Puzzles help stimulate cognitive abilities. In addition, according to research, regular brain training can reduce the risk of age-related neurological diseases in the future.

Puzzles are useful for both adults and children. It is not only an interesting way to distract yourself and spend your leisure time. Regularly doing such exercises will improve concentration and attentiveness.

Two almost identical pictures show an office worker. He was carrying a briefcase, stepped into a puddle, and slipped. Although the pictures are almost identical, there are 3 differences between them. Can you find them all in 12 seconds?

If you can't spot the differences between the two images, don't be discouraged. The more often you do this kind of task, the better and faster you will get at it.

Correct answer

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