A private detective named 20 signs that you are being cheated on

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The detective claims that all traitors lie very similarly

Adultery or infidelity in a relationship can be a huge shock, so many people try to play it safe and not miss the warning signs. According to psychologists, one of these signals can be excessive suspicion of a partner who, feeling guilty, begins to look for it in the innocent party.

Meanwhile, detectives have their own, more pragmatic approach to the problem. Tom Martin, a former federal agent and now a private investigator and owner of his own detective firm, told The Independent that cheaters tend to act in stereotypical ways and follow the same patterns of behavior.

The expert named as many as 20 signs that clearly indicate infidelity. According to Martin, if you notice one or two of these signs, you shouldn't worry - it could be a coincidence. A cause for concern arises when four or more of the items on the list come to fruition.

The expert named the most alarming bells as an increase in the length of the working day, more frequent business trips, a decrease in the amount of sex, or a defensive reaction from the partner. You should also pay attention to new gym classes or your partner's sudden passion for buying new clothes. This may mean that he or she is working on their attractiveness, with someone else as the target of these efforts.

So, here's a complete list of warning signs from Tom Martin:

  1. Your partner's habits change.
  2. He or she starts leaving home early and returning late.
  3. Business trips become more frequent.
  4. The partner starts missing family holidays and parties.
  5. Suddenly, he or she is working a lot of overtime.
  6. The partner's expenses increase, and the purpose is unclear.
  7. He or she sets up secret social media accounts and email accounts.
  8. The partner starts hiding credit card bills.
  9. Self-care becomes part of the daily routine or its intensity increases.
  10. Your partner smells unfamiliar, such as perfume or traces of makeup on their clothes.
  11. He or she buys gifts that they hide the purpose of.
  12. Unexpected items start appearing in the partner's belongings, such as condoms in the glove compartment of the car.
  13. He or she suddenly signs up for a gym membership.
  14. You may notice missed calls from an unfamiliar number on your phone.
  15. Encrypted or secret text messages are received in the messenger.
  16. Sex in a couple becomes noticeably less.
  17. The partner's answers become evasive, and his or her behavior can be characterized as constant self-defense.
  18. The partner is lying and it becomes obvious.
  19. His or her behavior becomes short-tempered and impatient.
  20. The partner begins to react nervously to unexpected visits and meetings - you walk in without knocking or giving any warning of your arrival.

However, according to Martin, one of the most important indicators of danger is your intuition. Usually, people who know each other well can tell when their partner is lying. However, the detective warns against panic in such situations and jumping to conclusions, as this can "jeopardize valuable relationships due to unreasonable anxiety."

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