A gift bouquet will last for a month: a simple life hack that will give flowers life

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A bouquet of flowers will last longer if you add a simple ingredient to the water

Fresh flowers at home are a great way to freshen up your interior and add a splash of color to your gray everyday life. But unfortunately, flowers fade very quickly, especially in winter, when there are sudden changes in temperature.

Sometimes the bouquet starts to dry the very next day. An interesting life hack that can prolong flowering for several weeks is gaining popularity on the web.

Let's start with the most obvious: the right container is the key to long-lasting flowering. It is advisable to place the flowers in a ceramic or glass vase with a sufficient amount of liquid. The vase should be wide enough to allow the stems to be compressed.

And ordinary sugar will help to extend the flowering period. You just need to pour water into the vase, add one teaspoon of sugar and put the flowers in.

Experts promise that the flowers will stay in the vase for a month - of course, if you follow a few other important tips.

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the flowers to rot. Every time the water is changed, the stem cut should be renewed, as it is through it that the flowers absorb moisture and receive nutrients. The cut should be made with a clean kitchen or utility knife. The cut should be made obliquely - this will increase the area of water absorption.

Do not place the bouquet near radiators or heaters. The optimum air temperature should be between +18 and +20 °C.

The water should be changed twice a day, otherwise the acidic liquid will have a bad effect on the condition of the plants.

Do not immerse leaves in water, as they will quickly begin to rot and the water will become contaminated. Before placing the flowers in a vase, remove the lower leaves from the stems.

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