This forgotten rule for machine washing will save your favorite clothes: everyone should do it this way

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Laundry that is turned out before washing retains its new look longer

Machine laundry, fortunately, has long been a routine for us. We can simply come home, take off our clothes, throw them in the drum, and go about our daily routine without worrying about laundry. However, experts say that this simplification has weaned us from one important habit.

We are talking about the habit of turning clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine. OBOZ.UA found out why this is important and what benefits it brings.

The main reason why you need to turn your clothes inside out is that it is in this position that the front side will rub the least against other things and the drum itself. This will help protect the appearance of the item. Clothes, especially printed ones, will hold up better, and less pills will form on the fabric.

This approach is especially important when caring for high-tech items such as sportswear, thermal underwear, or swimwear. As a rule, they have a water-repellent coating that wears off easily. Therefore, it is a must to turn such things out. Better yet, put them in a special mesh laundry bag.

However, this is not the only common mistake that most people make. Many of us also use too much detergent in the pursuit of cleanliness. This leads to excessive foaming, and the foam, in turn, traps dirt, bacteria, and odors in the fabric instead of washing them out. Therefore, if you want to wash your clothes really effectively, do not exceed the dosage of the powder or gel, and it is better to even put a little less than the recommended amount.

As for fabric softener, laundry experts recommend not to overuse it either. It is not suitable for the care of sportswear and thermal underwear at all. Conditioner molecules clog the micropores in the structure of such fabrics and disrupt their ability to remove moisture, which is a key property.

According to experts, another forgotten habit that should be returned to our laundry routine is soaking. And you can soak it not in powder but in a solution of white vinegar. Take half a glass of vinegar and dissolve it in a bowl of warm water. This pretreatment helps to get rid of the smell of sweat and dissolve dirt that has accumulated on the fibers.

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