A drugstore product will help clean almost everything in your apartment: you never knew what it could do

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Denture tablets can help you keep your home clean with ease

If you are a young person and do not have serious dental problems, you have most likely never come across such a pharmacy product as denture tablets. Its main purpose is to clean such dental products. However, the useful properties of these tablets are not limited to this.

Fans of household life hacks know how to use this inexpensive product to clean various items in the house. OBOZ.UA has collected their tips on how to use denture tablets in the household.

Enameled dishes

The enamel of the dishes can collect plaque, which is not so easy to remove with conventional means. If this is the case, run warm water into a dirty bowl or pot and put 2-3 tablets in it. When they stop fizzing, drain the water and wipe the walls of the dish. It should come out easily.

Clogged sewage system

Usually, we break through pipes with quite aggressive chemicals, but you can do without them. Crush 3-4 denture tablets and pour them down the drain of your sink or bathtub, then add a cup of white vinegar. After a few minutes, rinse the drain with hot water.

Dirty cups

To get rid of tea or coffee deposits inside a cup, you only need one tablet. Fill the container with warm water and drop the product in. The water will immediately begin to boil and foam. When the process stops, you just need to rinse the cups.

Odor from sports shoes

You can clean your sneakers from dirt and odor in one go by soaking them with denture tablets. Take a container of a suitable size, fill it with warm water, and add three tablets. Put the pair that has started to stink into this solution. After a couple of hours, take out the sneakers and dry them well. The odor should disappear, and the shoes will be well disinfected.


Cleaning rings, earrings, and other jewelry can be difficult because you don't want to scratch them. Use the power of tablets. Drop one into a cup or bowl of warm water, and then place the tarnished jewelry in it. In 20 minutes, they will be as good as new. An important clarification: softer stones such as pearls or lapis lazuli should not be cleaned in this way.

Glass bottles

It can be very difficult to clean glass containers with narrow necks. But only if you don't have denture tablets. Take one, break it or crush it if necessary, pour it into a bottle and fill it with warm water. Let the product work, and then shake the bottle well. The dirt should come off easily.

Hair brushes

To have healthy hair, it's important to keep your hair care tools clean. Soak them with this solution from time to time. To prepare the solution, you will need one or two tablets, depending on the size of the container in which you collect water and put the combs. In just 20 minutes in the solution, they will be completely cleaned of grease and other dirt. All you have to do is rinse and dry them.

White clothes and home textiles

These tablets can also serve as a delicate bleach for things that have become tarnished or stained. The principle of use is similar: soak for 20 minutes in a warm solution. You need to use from 1 to 3 tablets, depending on the size of the container and the number of items. After this treatment, they will need to be washed in the usual way.

Plastic tableware

Sometimes food-grade plastic can get stains from sauces, such as tomato, and various seasonings such as turmeric. You can clean them by filling a container with warm water and putting a denture tablet inside. Leave it to work overnight and in the morning your containers will be as good as new.

Sinks and toilets

These tablets also clean plumbing well. Throw the tablet into a toilet, sink or bathtub filled with water and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Then wipe the walls with a brush and rinse off the residue. The surface will shine and there will be no unpleasant odor.

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