9 mistakes you shouldn't make when washing hair

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How to wash your hair properly

Washing your hair properly can prevent breakage and hair loss. It will also reduce irritation of sensitive skin.

Healthyway explains what mistakes should not be made in hair care. In particular, you should avoid daily shampooing, especially with products that contain sulfates.

Daily hair washing

Washing your hair every day strips it of its natural protection. The scalp begins to produce more oil, the hair fades faster, and as a result, it looks unkempt. Frequent shampooing is not productive.

However, you shouldn't put it off either. You can't walk around with dirty hair for more than five days.

Pay attention to the weather. Cold winter air dries out the skin, but hot days require more frequent hair washing.

If your hair looks greasy quickly, use dry shampoos or even baby powder.

Cleanse the scalp

Massaging your scalp will improve blood circulation and strengthen your hair. It is better to consult a specialist as too sharp movements will lead to a weakening of the follicle and hair loss.

Professionals recommend stroking the scalp from the forehead to the back of the head, on the sides and along the hairline.

Excessive amount of shampoo

It is believed that hair can get used to a shampoo or conditioner that has been used for a long time. However, hair does not get used to the formulas of these products. Experts say that you should wash your hair with products that are best suited for your hair type. Hair texture varies with the weather, so find out which product is right for your hair type in the current season.

Conditioner after washing

Conditioner can damage your hair if you use it incorrectly.

Most people mistakenly pour the conditioner on the roots and then apply it to the rest of the hair. Avoid getting conditioner on your scalp. After shampooing, it restores its natural oil, leaving the ends dry.

Conditioner helps to keep the ends moisturized. Therefore, apply it to the areas where the hair splits and breaks the most, and then distribute it to the middle of the length.

Shampoo with sulfates

Sulfates make shampoo foamy. However, they are not beneficial for your hair at all as they strip the scalp of its protective layer, leaving your hair dry and vulnerable to damage.

It's especially important to use mild sulfate-free shampoos if you have curly, wavy, or colored hair.

Shampoos with silicones

Silicones will instantly make your hair look smooth and silky, but they can also cause significant damage. Silicones can block hair follicles, which can prevent new hair growth or cause hair loss.

You can use, for example, balms with silicones.

Hot water

Hot water not only dries the skin but also allows keratin proteins, natural moisturizers and color molecules to escape, so hair loses strength and turns pale. Hot water makes it unruly and wavy.

Thus, make the water lukewarm or cool.

Rinse properly

If you apply shampoo to slightly damp hair, it will not lather properly. In addition, it takes 30 seconds to a minute to rinse out everything that has accumulated in your hair and prepare for shampooing.

If your scalp feels a little itchy or your hair looks dull after shampooing, it's likely that there are residues of poorly rinsed shampoo.

Experts recommend applying the shampoo to the back of the head and then lathering it up.

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