8 things you need to throw away right now

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Check your home for unnecessary things

It can be difficult to start decluttering. Things that you don't seem to use anymore can bring back a lot of pleasant memories. And instead of finding a new home for them or disposing of them, you put them back. This is a natural reaction of the human psyche. However, sooner or later, you have to take the first step.

The easiest way to do this is to use some kind of pre-prepared system. For example, a list of different items that you can go through gradually. OBOZ.UA publishes such a list. It includes things that can be found in different places in the house from the kitchen to the wardrobe. You will thank yourself for daring later.

Expired food

Foods that are past their expiration date can seriously harm your health. Therefore, you should definitely not store them. To prevent them from taking up valuable space in the fridge or pantry, get rid of them. You should check your food supplies at least once a month so that you won't end up with expired food.

Expired medicines

The same goes for medications. Medicines may not necessarily become dangerous after the expiration date, but their effectiveness will definitely decrease. This applies to all forms: tablets, syrups, creams, ointments, vitamins, dietary supplements, etc. Go through your home medicine cabinet at least once every six months to avoid waking up one day with cold symptoms or a hangover and finding that your aspirin has been out of date for two years.

Expired cosmetics

Another type of thing that has a clear expiration date is cosmetics. Sometimes we have high hopes for, say, an eye cream that it doesn't live up to. And then the jar just sits there collecting dust. Thus, dispose of it. In the future, it's better to give such products to your friends right away. You should also check your makeup shelves every 6-8 months.

Spoiled clothes

We often leave clothes with holes and stains to wear at home or in the country. And as a result, we don't wear them anywhere at all. Thus, they just take up space in the closet, bringing neither benefit nor joy. So why not keep only good and beautiful clothes? By the way, the same applies to clothes of the wrong size. If it is in good condition, give it away, sell it, or donate it.

Damaged sheets and towels

We often put home textiles that have lost their appearance or functionality on the farthest shelf and forget about them. Some time later, it turns into junk. If you don't want to throw it away, donate such things to a local animal shelter as there is always a need for such things.

Old materials for creativity and repair

Let's say you once painted a stunning color on your kitchen wall and left a jar of leftover paint in the pantry in case you needed to touch up something. How long has it been since you checked on that can? Most likely, its contents have long since dried up and are no longer usable. It's just taking up space. The same can be said about an unfinished painting by numbers or the remains of thread after embroidery. Throw away everything that is no longer useful and give the usable leftovers to someone who will still need them.

Broken or outdated gadgets

Have you ever kept an old phone in case you need a backup gadget if the one you have at work breaks down? Do you know where it is now? Perhaps you once put an mp3 player in your closet and now listen to music only through a mobile app. You may also keep a coffee grinder that is no longer able to handle the beans. Again, it's just unnecessary junk. At the same time, it is very easy to sell through online flea markets and bulletin boards. Small things like headphones or a mouse can be recycled or thrown away with a clear conscience.

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