7 hair trends that will dominate 2024: they'll be everywhere

Many modern hairstyles will become trendy in 2024. Source: Pinterest

Dive into the new year with a new hairstyle. There's still some time to become the most beautiful young lady for the festive night. Moreover, not all trendy hairstyles are associated with a haircut, so you can safely run to the nearest cosmetics store and buy some accessories.

Who What Where offers quite easy everyday hairstyles that can be done at any time: they will be in trend in 2024. Short haircuts will become a thing. However, don't worry: long hair will also be popular.

1. Wavy baroque bob

According to Jason Crozier, art director of Neville Hair & Beauty, the "wavy baroque bob" will be the main trend in hairstyles in 2024. It is suitable for those who have natural curls or have already grown a bob. "Baroque-inspired curls create a sense of luxury, a prime example is the Versace runway," he says. American actress Zendaya often creates such avant-garde voluminous curls. Even an ordinary bob can become trendy if you create waves.

Zendaya with a baroque bob

2. Upswept hair

2024 is almost a return of old retro hairstyles. For example, the "Old Money" style will become trendy among ponytails. It is the classically styled hair that is gaining popularity. "In 2023, we saw sophisticated hairstyles inspired by designers like Valentino take center stage on the catwalks," Jason said.

Exquisite classic ponytail in the Old Money style

3. Velvet hair

Healthy, shiny hair resembles velvet with its shine. Treating your hair like a luxurious fabric can improve your appearance, whether it's good home hair care, glossy treatments, or salon coloring that leaves a shine, WWW writes.

Hailey Bieber's shiny hair

4. Volume

Volume is something everyone wants to achieve in their hair. It can be created quite easily with the help of fixing sprays, a comb and a hairdryer. "In 2023, volume was already a key player in high-end fashion. In 2024, we will adopt the philosophy of "more is better," Crozier predicts.

Kendall Jenner with a simple but voluminous hairstyle

5. Mini bob

The mini bob is a cross between a pixie and a bob. It looks amazing, especially since it emphasizes the cheekbones. You can experiment with this hairstyle: change the length, create light waves, or straighten your hair.

You can easily experiment with a mini bob haircut

6. Long hair

You shouldn't immediately run to the hairdresser and cut your long hair because it's out of trend. This time it's the other way around: waist-length is gaining popularity.

Long hair looks very romantic

7. Bows and ribbons

Wherever you look nowadays, you can see hair ribbons and bows tied in ponytails, secured in buns and decorated with hair accessories. They not only look gorgeous but also emphasize the look effortlessly.

Bows and ribbons in hair are gaining popularity

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