5 tricks to make a rented apartment cozy and beautiful

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The premises can be changed without violating the lease agreement

Living in rented housing can be uncomfortable due to outdated repairs. It is also irrational to spend a lot of money on improving the condition of someone else's property, and most landlords prohibit it. However, Helen Bowers, Resident Services Manager at Grainger plc's Clippers Quay, has come up with discreet yet effective ways to make a rental apartment look beautiful and cozy without breaking the terms of the lease.

The expert gave her top tips for decorating a rented apartment to the Express. She named five tricks: emphasis on details, mirrors, lighting, plants, and aromas.

Bright accents are important in design

1. Emphasis on details. Bright accessories and upholstered furniture in a new color scheme can help bring new life to an apartment or house. Pillows, rugs, vases, picture frames, and many other things can add personality to your home.

"If you want your apartment to become a real highlight, try creating a wall with colorful prints of different shapes and sizes, or even paint the wall to make the room brighter," the expert advises.

2. Mirrors. This is a great way to visually enlarge the space. It is worth choosing an oversized mirror as it will help create an illusion. And by placing a mirror in front of a window, you can catch daylight and direct it into the room.

Mirrors increase the space in the house

"Mirrors reflect artificial light and natural light, which means they effectively create the illusion of greater depth and can make even the smallest rooms feel spacious," Bowers added.

3. Lighting. It is better to replace old light bulbs with new energy-saving ones. This will make any artificial light brighter. But table lamps and floor lamps can be less harsh than chandeliers. This will help create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

You can update your home with lighting

4. Plants. Live greenery in the interior is a trend in 2022. In addition, plants breathe light into the room, as well as add color and coziness. The expert advises beginners to choose snake plants, cacti, and spider plants. They do not require any special care.

Plants can give new life to an apartment

5. Flavors. This is what guests notice and feel first. Therefore, it is important to keep the house fresh and clean. By the way, the smell of lavender in your home will help you relax, and jasmine will add a "signature" scent.

The house should smell good

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