5 closet items you must not skimp on

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Things you can't save on

Modern fashion allows not only for free expression and comfortable wear but also for clothes from mass consumer brands. Popular style icons and fashion bloggers show by their own example that outfits should not consist exclusively of "luxury" items as they should be "diluted" with mass market items. However, there are some wardrobe items that you absolutely cannot save on.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled the top 5 things to buy "once and for all". They should be of high quality and made of durable materials as they may be used almost every day.


A roomy and comfortable bag will be with you both on a date and at work. The list actually can be endless. It's not just a beautiful accessory, it's a constant assistant and loyal friend. In addition, it is the bag that can become an integral part of your everyday look and its final detail, without which everything will fall apart.

Dolce & Gabbana bag


From your favorite sneakers to evening sandals, you need to have quality shoes on your shelf. Otherwise, you can harm your health. In addition to comfort, expensive heels or rough boots are responsible for the completeness of your look and its aesthetics. You must admit that the wrong shoes can ruin even the most perfect outfit.

Yves Saint Laurent sandals


Continuing the theme of health care, we note that low-quality lenses can ruin your eyesight, so you shouldn't skimp on sunglasses. A stylish look and the attention of passers-by are nice additional bonuses.

Chanel sunglasses


A watch bought from a specialized jewelry brand automatically becomes a family heirloom and can be safely passed down from generation to generation. It can say much more about your status than any car or other expensive item.

Cartier watch


Oddly enough, jeans are also on this list. Of course, it's impossible to buy one pair of these pants for life, but it's a great idea to regularly purchase a quality item for a long period of wear.

Levi's® jeans

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