10 tricks to make peonies last longer in a vase

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How to care for peonies

The peony season is in full swing, which means that every girl dreams of putting a vase with a luxurious, fragrant bouquet on her table. Many people mistakenly believe that these lush flowers, although beautiful, are short-lived, but with proper care, they can stand in water for 15 to 18 days.

OBOZREVATEL has collected recommendations from florists that will extend the life of cut peonies and preserve their beauty and aroma for as long as possible. These rules are easy to follow and do not require additional financial costs.

1. A dark, deep, and large container. It is best to put a bouquet of peonies in a dark vase so that the sun's rays do not get into the water and do not promote the growth of bacteria. Also, the bowl should be deep so that the stems fit 3/4 of the way into the water and are fully nourished. In addition, the vase should be spacious so that neighboring buds are only slightly pressed together. The fact is that peonies appreciate personal space and stay in shape longer in such comfortable conditions.

2. Remove as many leaves as possible. Leaves that are immersed in liquid begin to rot quickly in stagnant water. This is harmful to the plants - they can die ahead of schedule.

Choose a dark, deep and spacious vase for peonies

1. Do not spare the wilting buds. It will not be possible to revive a flower that has lost its former appearance, so it is better to cut it off. If this is not done, it will absorb useful components and harm the entire composition.

2. Peonies don't like drafts, bright sun, proximity to radiators, and fruits. It is better to place the bouquet away from the window.

3. Change the water daily or every other day. Peonies like "prepared" liquid. Use clean water that has settled during the day.

4. Trim the stems under water. Before placing the bouquet in a vase, cut the stems obliquely under running water. Florists also recommend making small vertical cuts (1-2 cm) to increase the area of nutrient absorption.

You need to cut peony stems under running water

7. Disinfect the water in the vase. You can add a few aspirin or activated charcoal tablets to the liquid.

8. Cold will help keep the buds unopened. If you have bought a bouquet in advance for an event or as a gift and want to extend its "life" in an impeccable way, then take the vase of flowers to a cool place: basement, refrigerator. However, the temperature should not fall below five degrees.

9. Use polyethylene to enhance the fragrance. The sweet, concentrated scent of peony can be preserved with ordinary polyethylene, which should be wrapped around each bud overnight. You should not leave the flowers in the wrapper for too long so that they do not suffocate.

10. Spray peonies with cool, settled water from a spray bottle. This way, they will last longer. In addition, if the flowers begin to wilt, the liquid from the sprayer will revive them.

Spray peonies from the spray bottle with cool, settled water

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