10 signs that your dog loves you

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Dog owners know for sure that their pets can smile

We mostly associate a dog with affection and loyalty, and dog owners have no questions about whether their animal loves them or not. However, how can you understand this? Here are 10 signs that your dog loves you.

Professional dog handlers talk about various signs that can be used to determine a dog's attitude. OBOZ.UA has collected them.

It reacts emotionally when it sees you

The Internet is filled with short videos of dogs meeting their owners after a long separation. And this joyful excitement is impossible not to notice and feel. The dog becomes active, barks and whines, starts jumping and cuddling on the ground. Sometimes, excessive emotions can even lead to light urination, especially in puppies who do not yet have good muscle control. This usually goes away with age.

It seeks physical contact

If you've ever had a close relationship with a dog, you may have noticed that the animal is constantly trying to touch you. It lies next to you, presses its side against you when it sits down, or simply puts its paw on you. Dogs often express affection through physical contact.

It wants to sleep next to you

Whether you allow your dog to sleep in your bed is a matter of individual choice. In any case, your dog will try to get close to you while you rest. It may sleep next to you, curl up under the bed, or wait for you right outside the bedroom door.

It maintains eye contact

Dogs and cats that are unfamiliar with you may perceive prolonged eye contact as a threat. However, our pets who know us well, on the other hand, love to look us in the eye. It calms them down. Moreover, when dogs are nervous or feel vulnerable, they tend to look for eye contact with their owners to become more confident and find comfort.

It keeps an eye on you

This trait is most pronounced in unfamiliar environments. Dogs are tireless explorers by nature, and when they find themselves in a new environment, they can plunge into exploring it. If the animal periodically pauses to check if it has lost sight of you and to establish contact with you, you can be sure that it loves you.

It licks you

Although not everyone thinks it's cute, dogs lick their owners, which is the canine version of a kiss. Dogs often lick people as a sign of greeting or affection. However, you can teach your dog to stop doing that if you don't like it.

It shares its toys with you

If your dog brings you its toys, it can mean more than just a simple desire to play together. It's also a way of showing affection and trust by giving you things they consider valuable.

It considers you more interesting than food

Studies show that although this type of reaction is not typical for all dogs, many of them respond more strongly to the owner's voice than to the promise of food. They are more interested in communication than in reinforcement with a treat.

It carries your clothes

Some dog owners may notice that their shoes or various items of clothing are scattered around the house and it can be very difficult to find what is where. This is because your dog, in order to smell you, may steal your things and put them next to it when it experiences separation anxiety. A good solution here is to give it an item of your worn clothes so that it can sense your presence when you are not around.

It smiles at you

Dogs are distinguished from wolves by their evolutionary facial expressions. They can really convey emotions through their muzzle. And they learned this art from us, humans. They also have their own smile. They open their mouths, stick out their tongues and start breathing heavily. Let the dog know at this moment that you are happy to see it too, and the animal's happiness will know no bounds.

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