Why you should drink kefir every day: explains Svitlana Fus

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Svitlana Fus tells us why kefir is good for you
Svitlana Fus told how kefir is useful

Kefir is one of the healthiest fermented milk products that has a very beneficial effect on the body as a whole, and especially on the gastrointestinal tract. Experts recommend drinking it to everyone who is not allergic to dairy products. It's worth noting that you can not only buy it but also make it yourself at home.

Nutritionist Svitlana Fus wrote on her Facebook page about the benefits of kefir and why you should drink it every day.

Tips from Svetlana Fus

"Back in 1908, immunologist Ilya Mechnykov noted that fermented foods such as sour milk, kefir, and fermented vegetables affect health and longevity, and suggested that the lactic acid bacteria contained in them inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in the intestines," says the expert.

Homemade kefir

Fus noted that if you compare kefir with other dairy products, it contains very little lactose, as most of it is converted into lactic and pyruvic acid by the kefir fungus.

Kefir also contains kefiran, a polysaccharide from kefir yeast that has antimicrobial properties

Why you should include kefir in your diet

The benefits of kefir

1. It helps to restore the balance of intestinal microflora, especially after a course of antibiotic treatment.

2. Contains probiotics that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines.

Delicious kefir

3. It contains vitamins A, B2, B12, C, PP.

What to cook with kefir

4. Due to its positive effect on intestinal microflora, it affects the body's immune functions.

Why drink kefir every day

5. Rich in easily digestible calcium and protein, suitable for people with relative lactose intolerance.

Fresh kefir has a mild laxative effect
Fresh kefir

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