Why meat should be soaked before cooking: useful tips

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Fresh meat
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Meat is one of the most popular products that can be used to make many delicious dishes, from cutlets to salads, chops, as well as fillings for pies and dumplings. It is also used to make roasts, aspics, and soups. But you should know that meat needs to be soaked for some time before cooking.

Roasted meat

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you why you should soak meat in water and for how long.

Meat for steak

Why soak meat in water

How to properly prepare meat before cooking

Cooks claim that this is a good way to "pull out" everything that should not get into our body, namely any medicines (antibiotics, stimulants, hormones) that may be in the meat. They can form during transportation or storage.

How to properly soak meat

How to store meat without a refrigerator

Put the meat in a large pot or bowl, cover with water, and add lemon juice and salt. Leave the meat like this for 1-2 hours, then drain and rinse again with running water.

Meat for making minced meat

Soaked meat cooks faster and has less of a characteristic odor!

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