What to add to oil for salads to make it flavorful and delicious: 6 options

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Vegetable salads are best seasoned with oil rather than mayonnaise. For a brighter and more original flavor, you can add various spices, herbs, and citrus fruits.

Avocado oil

The cook shared 6 ideas for healthy and tasty salad dressings made from oil with citrus, pepper, bay leaf, and dill on Instagram.

Olive oil for salads


Add 3 slices of chopped garlic to hot oil, cover, remove from heat, cool, and strain. You can add lemon juice and cloves.

How and what to use to make delicious oil for salads


Beat dill in a blender, put the mixture in hot oil for 2 minutes, remove from heat, close the lid, leave for 10 minutes, cool and strain.

Oil with dill


Warm zest of two lemons in a frying pan with hot oil for 20 minutes. Cool and remove the zest.

Oil with lemon

Bay leaf

Put 5 bay leaves in a dry, hot frying pan. Fry a little, add oil and heat for 20 minutes. Remove from heat, cool and remove the leaves.

Bay leaves for salads


Crush dried chili peppers to make two tablespoons of flakes. Put them in the heated oil for 5 minutes. Cool and strain.

Delicious oil for salads


Grind 30-50 g of fresh green basil leaves in a blender. Add oil and heat the mixture in a frying pan for 30-45 seconds. Cool and strain.

Oil with basil

Tip: heat oil (preferably 1:1 refined sunflower oil with olive oil) until hot, not until boiling!

Oil for salads

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