Top 3 most harmful New Year's salads that everyone eats: what are their dangers

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Homemade Fur Coat salad
Homemade Fur Coat salad. Source: Cook.me

It is hard to imagine New Year's holidays without mayonnaise salads, namely Olivier, Shuba and those with crab sticks. However, not everyone knows that these salads are very heavy and harmful to the gastrointestinal tract.

New Year salad

FoodOboz editorial team shares useful information from nutritionists on which popular holiday salads should be avoided and why.


The basis of this salad is mayonnaise, which overloads the work of several organs in the human body. But the combination of boiled vegetables and ordinary cooked sausage is a mixture of soy, starch, and other non-nutritive substances. In order to reduce the harmful effects of salad on health, nutritionists recommend replacing sausage with chicken or beef heart, and mayonnaise with sour cream or yogurt.

Olivier salad

Shuba or Fur Coat

In general, this salad is not harmful because it is based on baked or boiled vegetables, as well as the healthiest fish, herring. But it is the mayonnaise and onions marinated in vinegar that spoil this salad and make it harmful to the stomach. It's also important to know that the base of the dish - boiled vegetables - also has a high glycemic index, and they raise blood sugar levels.

Fur Coat salad with mayonnaise and herring

Crab salad with rice

First of all, this dish is very high in calories and it contains a lot of starch, which is found in boiled rice. The salad also consists of 80% crab sticks, which are absolutely not useful as they contain nothing but chemical additives. Another big disadvantage of this dish is the mayonnaise that is used to dress it.

Crab salad for New Year

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