Queen Elizabeth II's favorite fruit: how to cook it healthily

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Elizabeth II
Elizabeth II

A lot is known about the culinary preferences of the late Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, for example, that she was very fond of desserts, especially chocolate cake. As well as meat, vegetables, and fruits. For example, the Queen was very fond of mangoes and allegedly even knew how much fruit was in the fridge of Buckingham Palace.

What Queen Elizabeth II liked to eat

Every day, the cooks prepared a delicious and healthy mango smoothie for her.

Mangoes for smoothies

Smoothie recipe with mango, banana and salt

Healthy smoothie


  • mango - 1 pc.
Ripe mango
  • banana - 1 pc.
  • yogurt without fillers - 170 ml
  • coconut milk - 150 ml
  • salt - a pinch

Method of preparation:

1. Peel and chop the mango, put it in a blender.

How to make a delicious smoothie with mango

2. Peel the banana and put it in a blender, add the yogurt and milk, add salt, and blend until smooth.

Natural yogurt

3. Pour the smoothie into a glass and you're ready to drink!

Ready-made mango smoothie

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