It will turn into porridge: top 3 most common mistakes in cooking pilaf

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Delicious pilaf with meat
Delicious pilaf with meat. Source: cloudinary.com

Pilaf is a very tasty and satisfying dish that requires the right ingredients. However, very often pilaf turns into porridge when cooked.

Delicious pilaf

Cook Valentyna shared useful tips on how to cook crumbly pilaf with meat and vegetables on Instagram.

Recipe for pilaf

You use steamed rice

Pilaf is a rather fatty dish, and steamed rice will only spoil it as it simply won't absorb fat.

Basmati and jasmine rice are best for homemade pilaf, and you need to choose non-starchy varieties!

Rice for the dish

You do not add carrots

Carrots are essential for cooking pilaf. For 1 kg of meat, you need to take at least 0.5 kg of carrots. Be sure to cut them, not grate. Cut into rings of about 0.5 cm and each ring into 3-5 pieces.

In general, it is believed that the correct proportions of pilaf are 1:1:1:1 (rice, meat, onions and carrots).

Carrots for the dish

What meat to add to pilaf

Real pilaf is made from lamb. However, high-quality lamb is not so easy to find. You can cook the dish even with pork or veal or even mussels and chicken.

Ready-made pilaf

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